Harris Faulkner Is Nobody’s Cute Little Hamster

The world’s third largest toy maker, Hasbro, has a line of children’s toys called Little Pet Shop animals. There’s over 60 of the little doe-eyed creatures and of course Hasbro encourages children to “collect them all.”


One of the animal dolls was a hamster named Harris Faulkner. The Fox News co-anchor was not amused or charmed by the likeness or use of her name.

She’s suing them for $ 5 million.


Huh, I wonder what other people’s Little Pet Shop figurines would look like?

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  1. Faulkner is a very attractive, extremely professional anchor at Foxnews who does not suffer fools gladly. She tends to the conservative side but unlike the rest of the anchors in the MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, CBC etc etc does not allow her views to color or intrude upon her job.

    It was probably some lefty prog at Hasbro that thought this was funny. I hope she skins them alive.

  2. She should be flattered and make Hasbro give thousands of sets of those toys free to children’s hospitals as a settlement.

    Some people would pay to have a toy made for their likeness.
    You could give them to your kids and grand-kids.

    I know Hasbro were warned but please woman, be flattered.
    They didn’t make her a pig or anything.

    BTW, I think she is pretty and I happen to really like her on Fox.

  3. Using someone else’s name and image to make a profit is unacceptable in my book.
    It’s bad enough when some jackleg on the Internet steals BFH’s art and fails/refuses to give credit. It’s worse when someone or a company that should know better takes your name and image to make money.
    I hope she skins them alive too!

  4. They maybe could have used her likeness, not her name.
    They may have gotten away with Harris Hamster and the likeness.
    They went full retard.
    You never go full retard.

  5. If you are in business you should know better. Get permission first.
    CZAR if someone was to make money off something you created or off your name, you also would take issue.

  6. Ugly??? Wow, somebody must have some extremely high standards! Not only is she an attractive lady, she’s probably one of the best newscasters in the business today.

    I would much rather watch HER report the afternoon news instead of that limp wrist sissy boy Shep!

  7. Little Debbie Ramen head would scare the daylights out of children. Image finding one of those under your bed during a thunderstorm.

  8. Ask permission first, OKAY!
    But, then, if there’s REALLY a burr up your ass, then there’s a CEASE AND DESIST order.
    To sue?!?

    I STILL say she’s a jerk for suing.
    The toy is CUTE.

    OR….I’LL KEEEEL YOU!!!!! 😉

  9. No, you’re bullshittin. Debbie Watchhermanshitz? I had to look up at my address bar to make sure my browser hadn’t been hijacked to Huffpo or Moveon dot org.
    Have you been to an eye doctor lately? Just a little concerned …

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