Harris Scolded By Schumer – She Mocks Him

22 Comments on Harris Scolded By Schumer – She Mocks Him

  1. She looked like a toddler just shushed by Grandpa, no liberal progresses past five years of age either intellectually or emotionally. A lot of rattles will be tossed from the prams today by shrieking Demonrat children…

  2. Patty Murray is a glorified paperweight who occasionally rents herself out as a doorstop with hair and tennis shoes. Schumer is just a joke!

  3. Patty Murray could make a freight train go down a dirt road with that made for radio face.
    For some reason, fugly people like tend to gravitate to the dem party.

  4. Is that a certified midget on the left of Schmucker…..?

    You made me laugh…..A while back on fml…..a woman was complaining about her husband…..he’d super glued googly eyes on his sack as a joke…..they ended up in the er….I guess you need a professional to soak your sack in fingernail polish remover.


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