Harris Scolded By Schumer – She Mocks Him – IOTW Report

Harris Scolded By Schumer – She Mocks Him

22 Comments on Harris Scolded By Schumer – She Mocks Him

  1. Schumer must have had Patty Murray there so he could look smarter than the others on stage.

  2. How patriarchal of Chuckie, aka Senator Lens(camera) Lice.

  3. I was told that Trump was the patriarchal mansplainer, but look who’s silencing the handmaiden. Weird.

  4. Such undeveloped people. Such untrustworthy, talentless garbage.

  5. shows you how serious this matter really is, huh?

    … & how vapid & immature Kamala Mattress is

  6. I wave my privates at chuck schummer and they have googly eyes painted on….

  7. Gee, Chuckie, even your underlings think you suck.

  8. MJA, she’s rocking that Prince Valiant haircut, though.

  9. And another GOP election ad is created. Stupid bastards.

  10. I suppose Chuckie also didn’t have a Series 7 Beamer to donate to the Harris scooter fund…

  11. Politics is definitely for people that are too ugly for Hollywood…

  12. Now she’ll be in no mood to give him a ham sandwich.

  13. @ MJA: Patty Murray IS something from the Muppet Show…

  14. And that little flirt wanted to be President?

  15. She looked like a toddler just shushed by Grandpa, no liberal progresses past five years of age either intellectually or emotionally. A lot of rattles will be tossed from the prams today by shrieking Demonrat children…

  16. Patty Murray is a glorified paperweight who occasionally rents herself out as a doorstop with hair and tennis shoes. Schumer is just a joke!

  17. Patty Murray could make a freight train go down a dirt road with that made for radio face.
    For some reason, fugly people like tend to gravitate to the dem party.

  18. Is that a certified midget on the left of Schmucker…..?

    You made me laugh…..A while back on fml…..a woman was complaining about her husband…..he’d super glued googly eyes on his sack as a joke…..they ended up in the er….I guess you need a professional to soak your sack in fingernail polish remover.


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