Harris, Tlaib, Whitmer Back Author of Misogynist Blog

Establishment Dems, progressives rally behind man with history of sexist remarks.


A slew of prominent liberals are standing behind a Democratic congressional candidate in Michigan who ran a misogynistic, drug-enthused blog.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.), Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D., Wash.), and Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer are among the top backers of Democratic congressional hopeful Jon Hoadley. Prior to his political career, Hoadley ran a college blog in which he called women “breeders,” discussed his interest in crystal meth, and referred to sexual partners as “victims,” a recent New York Post report revealed. While his Democratic primary opponent refused to endorse him over the posts, Hoadley’s national endorsers have not pulled their support and have yet to address the scandal.

Hoadley’s blog, titled “Rambling Politics,” was hosted on social networking site LiveJournal. In a string of posts between 2004 and 2005, the Democrat detailed attending a gay bar to “learn about crystal meth.” Hoadley, who is gay, called women “breeders”—a derogatory term used to refer to heterosexual couples who can reproduce—and referred to his sexual partners as “victims.” The Democrat also alluded to a “four year old wearing a thong” when describing a friend’s wedding. His campaign called the writings “bad college poetry” in a comment to the Post. more here

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  1. BUT, a seventeen year old dancer has to apologize for comments she made when she was NINE. And, she ain’t running for any political office. IMNSHO she should have never apologized.

  2. Next to Bill Burr’s famous quote in the Book of Famous Quotes, What a Fag, is this guy’s picture.

    Fuck, he gives homos a bad rep and that ain’t easy.

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  4. A dangerous faggot like him, in the old days, would spend most of his life in a state hospital.

    Some people really do need lobotomies. Some people really do need to be beat with rubber hoses filled with sand.


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