Harry and Meghan feeling a little concerned about drones in LA

American Thinker:
By Monica Showalter

As if Los Angeles didn’t have bigger problems, Harry and Meghan are leaking through friends to the press about their displeasure with all those surveillance drones.

According to the Daily Beast:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are concerned for their family’s safety following multiple incidents at their Hollywood Hills home, where drones have flown as low as 20 feet above their property to snatch photographs of the couple and their young son, Archie.

A source has exclusively told The Daily Beast that the couple has been coping with “unimaginable” levels of press intrusion at their temporary new home, which is reportedly owned by their friend Tyler Perry. It is not known whether the couple is paying rent for the property or not.

The Beast reports that they, or someone in their household or vicinity, has called the cops five times about it.

As if moving to Los Angeles from the depths of the Canadian woods, and setting up house in some celebrity’s 24,500-square-foot mansion near Beverly Hills, all for “a quieter life,” as they said, might just bring such a scenario.

It’s all so very…Karen.  And pretty ridiculous.

In reality, they’ve got bigger problems. 

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  1. Well, if Meghan didn’t turn her husband into a wuss, Harry could have practiced his skeet and trap shooting skills.

    “Prince Harry has sold his £50,000 hunting rifles for wife Meghan Markle. Prince Harry sold his handmade Purdey hunting rifles worth £50,000 before moving to Canada and then California, according to reports in the Daily Mail today.”

  2. Just a week ago you told that you were a selfish asshole if you went outside.

    Now they cheer thousands gathering outside.

    Let blm, antifa, and big cities annihilate each other. Do not try to stop it.

  3. I’m so sorry this is happening to you Harry.

    But you get what you deserve when you wimpishly hand over to your royal balls to a narcissist with a vagina.

  4. One of these days in the not too distant future, Prince “No Balls Dey be Castrated” Harry will roll over on waking and look at Smegma, his not so hot wife, loudly snoring with drool running out of one corner of her slack jawed mouth and say “What the fuck was I thinking” and hop on the first plane back to London and throw himself on the mercy of the Queen. Harry is about to learn a basic lesson in life – No matter how good it seems to be in the beginning it all gets old. Sometimes really quickly.

  5. Are they trying to get more drones because leaking your concern about drones is how you get more drones.

    Streisand effect.

  6. This is a guy from the land with cameras on every street corner to watch it’s subjects every minute of the day for many years now.

    They raise morons over there.

  7. “She’s a little concerned about drones.”

    “It is estimated that there are 500,000 CCTV cameras dotted around London”.


  8. “Let them eat cake!” has evolved into “Make them eat vegan!” Poor MeAgain and Just Harrry have landed in a country that doesn’t have time to fully appreciate all that they are ready to take from their new place of residence. It must be tough. All that attention turned into all that irrelevance.

  9. harry, meagain may be dumb as a post with a hole in it…..


    INFO: california is a community property state

  10. It’s not even their house. They’re ‘renting’ from a ‘friend’. They’re always living on someone else’s property. Notice that?

  11. LOL! Harry ain’t ever seen too many uprising in ‘Merica, only from his luxury palace while eating bon-bons. Now he’s in the thick of hit. Privileged white boy hooked up with an African ‘Merican, he’s given it ALL to the one who brought his privilege down. Does anyone think that he realizes how screwed up he made things? Nope, free $hit here or free $hit there, makes no difference to those two. Harry has never worked a day in his life nor will he ever be expected to perform. Markle will throw that up to Harry when she gets tired of carrying his ass. Harry is now a slave to Markles whims and Archie (who the **** names their kid Archie?) is the pawn. I enjoy watching all of this. I use to feel sorry for Harry, but not any more.

  12. @WDS: I bet there’s CCTV cameras on their house as well watching their every move. Drones are nothing, they can be easily shot down.

  13. They are full of shit. NutMeg used to pull this, “the paparazzi are hounding me” when she was living in Toronto and dating Harry. Nobody knew who she was or that she was dating Harry until she complained about the paparazzi. The Toronto police would answer her calls to find *nothing*. She was viewed as somewhat of a nutcase.

    Now, she is complaining about drones in order to pressure Charles into paying for their $25 million security bill. Charles should tell them to pound sand.

  14. Isn’t it slightly ironic that the mob of idiots rioting for “justice” and “equality” for blacks, are now threatening the black princess who is living in the 24,500 sq ft mansion owned by a black Billionaire, in a zip code that includes dozens of black billionaires and multi-millionaires?

  15. Harry and Megan, it is my considered opinion as an American that you should fuck off back to England.


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