Harry Reid Denies Patients “Right to Try”


Senator Ron Johnson (WI-R) asked for unanimous consent from the Senate yesterday in order to speed the passage of his “Right to Try” bill that would allow patients with a terminal illness the chance to try unapproved treatments.  But Johnson is up for re-election and is polling behind Democrat retread Russ Feingold.  So Harry Reid objected to the maneuver and killed the attempt to pass the bill quickly.


8 Comments on Harry Reid Denies Patients “Right to Try”

  1. Dirty Harry is the worst person on earth. How people have voted this smarmy bastard in to office over the years is incredible. I’d like to see his workout equipment kick his ass again.

  2. Be a shame if Karma dealt Harry a hand like that himself someday, wouldn’t it? Yessiree, a low-down dirty shame…


  3. The other Dems in the Senate that keep this guy in leadership are equally to blame for this and other destructive things Dingy Harry has done over the years.

  4. exactly dr tar

    and, when you see these weasels, think of their electorate, it’s a freak show made up of the people who truly endanger our future

  5. I’d bet Harry is gone within a year. He’s made enemies all over the country including the mob and without Senate protection he won’t just take another beating from them.

  6. I think Harry Reid is the most disgustingly evil excuse for a human being I’ve ever seen. Karma can’t come too soon for this scum.

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