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Harry Reid Unable To Stop Sanders In Nevada

Red State

Harry Reid was reportedly the guy who was mobilizing the culinary union, among others, to oppose Sanders. Reid is the kind of strategic politician Chuck Schumer could only dream of being. He is ruthless, powerful, commands the respect of his party, and shows no weaknesses. He will do what it takes to win, even if that includes mobilizing entire unions against a member of his own party’s primary to ensure what he believes is the right course of action.

And despite all of Reid’s power and respect within the Democratic Party, Sanders walked away from Nevada with more than double the voters Joe Biden, the second-place finisher, received.

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  1. Thanks for the update, really thought he was dead, not my day at all, maybe will make my day tomorrow. Be even better if he stopped his Bro-manse with McCain so long ago,,

  2. “…despite all of Reid’s power and respect…” They sure do love their sewer rats.

  3. Sanders is the best dumocrats have, maybe they need to look under rocks and dead trees or maybe that’s where they’ve come up with the team they’ve assembled. They’ll have to develop a get out of Sanders plan, quickly before he takes deeper root.

  4. Is Bernie the voter’s farewell gift to Nasty Nancsee enshrining her as the biggest loser of all time?

  5. @Deplorable Second Class February 24, 2020 at 2:09 pm

    > They’ll have to develop a get out of Sanders plan, quickly before he takes deeper root.

    That whole “will of the people”, “from the consent of the governed”, was all just a United Nations’ sham? Wasn’t it?

  6. He better back off. Feel the Bern or watch it Burn

  7. Consent of the governed was that administrative error, it has been corrected to consent of the governor.

  8. Jeez Harry, you should have invited him to your bathroom for a exercise workout.

  9. How much of it was a result of Operation Chaos?

  10. The culinary union is pretty wicked. They’re so bad, the other unions won’t be in the same room with them.
    I’m amazed that, so far, the (card) dealers have been able to fight off unionization.

  11. True story- yeaaars ago, on the property of one of the smaller casinos, there was a 10 foot culinary union billboard ad that looked so menacing, they took it down and moved it to the corner of the parking lot under some trees and covered it.
    When the wind picked up, you could see it had a picture of some plump freak holding up a butcher knife, smiling with far too many gold/ silver teeth showing.
    I remember 2 or 3 casinos had closed restaurants and cafeterias just so they could get rid of the Culinary union.

  12. Funny that Reid is still alive. What would you figure the survival rate of his cancer was? 5%? Must have the same doctors as the mummy Ginsberg.


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