Harvard Law Students Ask To Be Granted Law Licenses Without Taking The Bar Exam

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Approximately 200 Harvard Law School students have signed a letter asking administrators to “publicly advocate” on their behalf for being granted law licenses without taking the bar exam.

The reason for the “emergency diploma privilege” request, according to The Crimson, is the ongoing coronavirus situation. More

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  1. That’s what we need alright, more lawyers that can’t prove they know the law. Hey, I’ve watched Perry Mason, LA Law, Judd for the Defense, and I’ve stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, can I be a lawyer too.

  2. Students top-tier law schools like harvard learn theory (leftist indoctrination, usually) instead of ‘black letter’ law (the ONLY kind of law that is on the Bar exam). Law schools want high bar-pass rates, so they can keep their American Bar Association (ABA) rating. Students in harvard law are usually the top students in the country – unless they’re admitted under affirmative action. The top students at schools like harvard are responsible for learning black letter law on their own, once the Bar exam approaches (there are specialized courses bar-takers take, like BarBri, or Kaplan, etc).

    Now, a few people coming out of harvard – who do not know black letter law well – want to be excused from taking the bar! Can you guess who those people probably are? Would they be the affirmative action students, who did not have the scholastic ability to be admitted there in the first place? (Schools like UCLA are notorious for over-admitting affirmative action students who then cannot complete the program, and wind up dropping out or being thrown out. In other words, these students should have been admitted to lower-tier schools, not the likes of UCLA, where they could have succeeded. But, affirmative action has its unintented consequences.)

    Anyone who practices law and has not passed a Bar exam is akin to a doctor practicing medicine without passing medical boards.

    Obama was an affirmative action admittee at harvard. (Saudi money also got him in.) That malignant ignoramus is a walking billboard for the ending of affirmative action.

    Black letter law:

  3. Maybe just hand them one of those Grade School versions of the Constitution. You know, the illustrated versions. Maybe it will hold their attention long enough that they might actually read it.

  4. That would be a NO.

    They have not completed the courses required. Once they have then they can take the Bar. I believe JFK jr. took it 7 times?

  5. Unleashing 200 Harvard Law students into this country would be a disaster equivalent to unleashing 200,000 virus infused Chinese Communist people into this country from Chi Com infected airlines!


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