Harvard Medical School Removes Portraits of White Department Heads Because They Are Ashamed of Lack of Diversity

Sounds like Harvard is going to start putting people in positions based on the content of the melanin count, or the chromosome,  not the content of their character.

This is a slap in the face of every past department head, treating them as if they did something to be ashamed of.

Campus Reform-

  • Harvard Medical School has removed 31 portraits of its former department heads from a lecture hall because all of the individuals are men, and 30 of them are white.
  • Dr. Betsy Nabel, the hospital’s president, said she has been considering the move for several years, concerned that the lack of diversity might upset women and minorities who are training to become doctors.
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17 Comments on Harvard Medical School Removes Portraits of White Department Heads Because They Are Ashamed of Lack of Diversity

  1. The Leftist Weenies are attacking American culture, heritage, intellectual accomplishments and the entire white race all in one swoop. There is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of being white or any other race. PC Politics is moronic.

  2. Maybe if more non-whites had finished middle school, they would have a better chance to get their portrait on the wall?

  3. The hippocratic oath. First do no harm.
    Dr. Betsy Nabel should be impeached to prevent her from doing further harm to Harvard Medical School.

  4. There is a humorous signboard on I-90 coming West into Spokane that has bad puns and funny phrases on it. Recently it gave the definition of Pasteurize as too far to see. I think the jokes on all the PC multiculturalists when they finally figure out that we the white people are the foundation of modern society. But I doubt that they would get it, since they’re so hellbent on destroying any accomplishments in the past if it was done by a white person first. I hate the left!

  5. May these jerks get the first black quota hired surgeon when they’re due for a triple bi-pass.

  6. How can white male students be represented by a female president? I am sure when they find out that the president is a woman you can see in their faces that they are upset that she doesn’t represent them.

  7. Harvard needs to Man up, why not drop their I.Q under each photo ?
    This should become Mandatory in Universities, the Bullshit would stop, for a while. They would eventually get to discriminate against high I.Qs as well,just to be sure we stay Dummed Down.

  8. That action so goes against the practice of learning from others, defined by Newton, (I believe) who said that he stood on the shoulders of giants. That’s the way it has been for scholars – each one builds on the knowledge built up by predecessors. To minimize earlier accomplishments of those Harvard Department heads because they were done by white men is to take the road to evil.

    How is Harvard’s decision different from Nazi Germany demonizing Jewish scientists, whose accomplishments Hitler condemned as “Jewish physics”, and forbade German scientist to use their discoveries?


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