Harvard Men’s Soccer Season Canceled For Rating Women’s Attractiveness

DailyCaller: Harvard University canceled the rest of the men’s soccer season due to a scandal over players rating the attractiveness of members of the women’s soccer team.

Last week, The Harvard Crimson published a report exposing the annual tradition of men’s soccer players producing a “scouting report” on the women’s team. A nine-page report from 2012 gave each woman a nickname, described their potential sexual proclivities (“she looks like the kind of girl who both likes to dominate, and likes to be dominated,” says one entry), and assigned them a sexual position to go along with their on-field position.

The ratings have produced a gargantuan backlash at Harvard, apparently because rating women is just a short jump away from raping them.

“This reprehensible practice reflects a culture of male sexual entitlement, where certain norms and expectations lead some to believe that women’s bodies are for their consumption,” claimed the editorial board of The Crimson. “This repugnant tradition should serve as a reminder that our campus is not impervious to rape culture.”

The Crimson connected the ratings to a scandal at Baylor University, where officials allegedly turned a blind eye towards accusations of sexual assault by football players. Unlike at Baylor, though, it is not clear that a member of Harvard’s soccer team has ever been accused of rape.  MORE

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  1. Hav-id at the forefront of progressive political correctness.
    Where mere thoughts and words are a criminal act by Ha-vid’s standards and punishment is certain.
    Quick Build more safe spaces for the snowflakes – or is it Flakes.

  2. Harvard is made up of the legacies that are from mega rich parents and couldn’t care less if Hahvad pulls this crap and the rest of the students are affirmative actions that pay nothing and eat this kind of shit up.
    That’s why Hahvad can pull this shit with impunity. There’s nobody to stop them.

  3. I am shocked that the fine institution that John, Bobby and Ted Kennedy attended would sink to such a sexist low. I am sure those 3 paragons of male virtue are spinning in their graves.

  4. Have they gone over to any of the female teams and listen to their locker talk… they do the same exact thing to the men’s team amongst themselves.

  5. Harvard newbie: Can you tell me where the library is?

    Harvard elite: At Harvard we don’t end a question with a preposition.

    Harvard newbie: Well then, can you tell me where the library is, ASSHOLE?

  6. The advantage to attending Harvard is not the education, but the connections. Harvard grants a significant amount of admission spots to legacies, and is the epitome of “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” Spouting the current PC bullshit is just part of that process.

    Besides, where my current work station is located, I have had the opportunity to overhear women discussing men. These discussions are explicit, raw and frequently jaw dropping.

  7. Maybe it is code speak for the Hahvad boys? Projecting themselves into the female role? I am sure the female teams are not the only ones chatting about the male member and its dimensions. Those silly elitists are so BI. ….gagging!

  8. @ Pissed At The Elite:

    Harvard newbie: Can you tell me where the library is?

    Harvard elite: At Harvard we don’t end a question with a preposition.

    Um, actually, “is” is a verb.

    Grammar nazis who get it wrong are people up with whom I shall not put.

    (And VietVet gets a +1 for reminding us that sentence-ending prepositions are perfectly proper. I tend to prefer propositions, but I won’t quibble.)

  9. I always though “Beauty was in the eye of the beer holder”. You know, that’s how the girls all get prettier at closing time right?

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