Harvard student demands you stop making fun of her field of study

College Fix: A student at Harvard University took to the pages of the student paper, The Crimson, to inform those willing to listen that they need to “stop criticizing [her] concentration choice.”

Freshman Orlee G. S. Marini-Rapoport jointly studies History & Literature, and Studies of Women, Gender, & Sexuality. People have opinions about this major, you see.

To be sure, her allergist was a bit rude — “You’re thinking of majoring in history?

To be sure, her allergist was a bit rude — “You’re thinking of majoring in history? What do you want to be, a ski instructor?” he asked her — but there have been other, subtle, slights:

I’m already tired of fellow students commenting on how “lucky” I am to be interested in subjects that they assume are easier, less stressful, or supposedly permit grade inflation to a greater extent than other departments. I’m already tired of fellow students assuming that courses which are strictly content-based, such as math courses, are inherently superior to those that allow for, or even encourage, the inclusion of personal experience or subjective analysis in the pursuit of constructing more nuanced arguments, as many humanities courses do.


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  1. Orlee (???), here’s a clue to start your clue collection. The students in the mathematics and science courses are already tired of their fellow student — YOU — assuming navel-gazing courses are as valuable as theirs.

    Clue #2 — they’re not.

    Here’s your midterm exam question (singular): What color is your belly button lint, and discuss the racist/classist implications of transgendered belly-button lint of color in the white patriarchy.

  2. “Stop making fun of my field of study. But I support Presidential candidates who advocate using your tax dollars to pay off my student loan debt because I can’t afford to pay it off while working as a barista at Starbucks.”

  3. Good luck majoring in education.

    One local high school had a science teacher position open up and over 700 people had applied.

    But you could always wait until someone retires or dies and THEN you might luck out and get a job.

  4. Ridicule serves a purpose. In this case, it could have served to prevent this twit from spending time and money on an education that would never lead to a career that would support her. To bad she is too stupid to take the hint.

  5. Intersectional studies majors rule the academic world. If you want a PhD without the hassle of actually doing any hard work, majoring in intersectionality and obediently parroting the philosophical vomit your professors are force feeding you will quickly (a year or two) get you your piece of paper. PhD’s whose dissertations amounted to the contents of their personal diary, and similarly rigorous content, are pouring out of universities like a plague and they can only find employment in academia, because the real world has no respect for them — yet. STEM departments are not immune to this virulence. You can be sure that those Syracuse professors who refused to sign the petition calling for a new diversity curriculum are now targeted. They are unlikely to advance. They will be hounded by activist students and staff. They may have their travel budget reduced or eliminated. They will be papered and most will eventually leave, before they are fired. I hope they can find an institution that has not yet been infected, but that is increasingly unlikely.

    If Trump wants to leave a lasting and beneficial legacy to the country, he will purge education and academia of its parasites. Obama did more damage in eight years than decades of preceding leftist administrations (though they provided a significant foundation to work on). Trump needs to treat this year as his last in office and accelerate his agenda. That would be the best campaign strategy for reelection.

  6. good grief! she needs five names to identify herself? … because, like, she’s an individual?

    yeah sweetheart, you’re special … just like everyone else
    … now, unless you’re working on the cure for the coronavirus, get in line

    sick of these f*uckin’ ‘blue pills’ telling the rest of us how we should be grateful for their delusions of grandeur

  7. I need some yard work done when you get hungry enough. Five bucks an hour and all the cheese sandwiches and Kool-Aid you can drink. (That is, if my yard ever dries out)

  8. “in the pursuit of constructing more nuanced arguments”

    nuanced arguments about what exactly?

    how many genders there are?

    stem is too difficult? 2+2 = 4 too much of a absolute for you ?

    respect needs to be earned through interaction with your peers not handed out with a diploma

    you want respect for you efforts then do something that earns it

  9. I think she’s slooooowly beginning to realize she is pursuing a worthless, unmarketable degree that will saddle her with hundreds of thousands in debt.

    So instead of pulling the ripcord on her toilet-paper degree, she is getting all Leftwingy combative and defensive. If she’s looking for my Sympathy it’s right there in the dictionary sandwiched between TOUGH and SHIT.

  10. 78K per year to attend Harvard for a 4 year bachelors degree in a field where a bachelors degree don’t mean shit in that field if you get into a masters program and if you get into a doctoral program you are conceivably look at around 500+ K in loans. And you can bet dollars to donuts she will want the taxpayers to pick up the tab. She can eat shit and die and work as a stripper for all I care. The taxpayers should NOT be forced to pay for delinquent student loans. Especially for useless degrees


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