Harvard ‘student of color’ finds white friends ‘exhausting’


A Harvard student, Ruben Reyes, who serves as editorial chair of the Harvard Crimson, whined in a recent written rant that he prefers to stick with his own “students of color” kind and ignore whites because — get this — whites are “exhausting” to befriend.

Racist? Let’s take a look.

He couched his views in context of looking at television shows that feature mostly white casts, with dotted scenes of minorities who are cast as “one-dimensional figures.” He then poses the question: “What, then, happens when people of color attempt to make white friends who’ve been nursed on media that depicts non-white people in such narrow ways?”

This is what happens, according to the world of Reyes.

“Often,” he wrote, The College Fix reported, “students of color like me end up in a precarious position. We want to make the most out of our time at predominantly white institutions like Harvard, which means making white friends that we might not have had at our segregated high schools. But we also want to avoid the racial insensitivity that can be a burden on our mental and emotional health.”

Hold on; here comes the pity party.

“Navigating this fine line,” he went on, “reveals a truth that makes people scream ‘reverse racism.’ Having white friends, as a person of color, can be exhausting. It’s much easier to make friends with other people of color who already understand the way the world pushes against you because of the melanin you carry in your skin. As Erin White argues, ‘in one way or another, White friends, largely, just aren’t safe to have’ because of ‘their unconscious but blatant biases against and misunderstandings of Black People.’ ”

Hmm. Wonder how’d that go over if, say, a white guy said similarly — if Joe B. White explained, in oh-so-even-tones, that he’d very much like to have black friends, but black people were so gosh-darned exhausting to deal with ’cause they’re always tossing out that race card.


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28 Comments on Harvard ‘student of color’ finds white friends ‘exhausting’

  1. I’d suggest he kill himself, but that’s jail time now. Mebbe he should move to venezuela, mebbe he’ll feel better beins back in the jungle. He’s probably an illegal alien anyway.

  2. I live in Lilly white NoDak. It just so happens I have a couple black acquaintance friends. Weird. I, of course, have white friends, living in Lilly white NoDak and all. There are potential white people friends whom I choose not to associate with. Know why? Because some of these potential white friends are scum and exhausting. See where I’m going with this? We have embraced Dr. Martin Luther Kings words….and flushed them straight down the toilet. Apparently skin color today is all that matters. I’m DONE with these A-hole types.

  3. Awuh, poor little bigot has a hard time making friends with people of a different race due to his own internal prejudices but expects everyone else to feel sowwy for him. AWUH. Ain’t he just the most pretentious little shitpickle you’ve ever seen? :’)

  4. I do hope the dumbasses that believe it would be so cool to have diverse pretentious asshats like this one in their elite school like the taste of merde.

  5. It’s that attitude thing I dread wasting my time with, so I just avoid the whole thing every time I can.

    It’s just a sign of personal problems, and I don’t want them taking it out on me or mine.

  6. He’s Impyling that Seperation is the Better Road Here, Liberals Have Taught Him That and it is Easier short Term Yes . But it’s a Big Future Problem for any Society !!!

  7. Doesn’t he know that the good people at Harvard have fixed this for him? Next year’s starting class is majority minority!

  8. Gosh. This guy should try meeting the friends of teenage children who have grown up watching decades of shows and commercials portraying white fathers as blithering idiots.

  9. He’s right:
    stupidity has a *real* hard time with intelligence, and
    Barbarians have a *real* hard time among the civilized.

  10. Maybe his white Harvard, would be
    chums can feel so guilty from reading
    his tripe that they will try harder
    to be his buds and “exhaust” him
    down to room temperature.

  11. Because your constant whinging, cajoling,bitching,projecting, blame gaming, and rabid self-absorption aren’t exhausting to be around at all …

  12. What is “exhausting” him is his constant need to not drop the veil.
    He is racist, he knows he is racist, it’s hard for him to be himself and not let on he is a racist and a bigot.
    THAT, can be exhausting, holding that veil up.
    Why do you think O’Baja went so grey, exhausting.

  13. Give it a few more years and that degree from Harvard is going to be worth less then a degree from some little university in the middle of nowhere that insists on it’s entrants have a good academic record from a good school and will actually teach and honestly grade based on achievment and not race/creed/gender/sexuality. Employers do look at this stuff and at some point the Harvard degree applicants will end up at the bottom of the pile.

  14. Sorry, but I find Mr. Reyes attempts to disguise his racism exhausting.

    Fuck Off, Eat Shit, and Die.

    Go back to Rat-Land where you’re more comfortable. Most rats are more comfortable around rats than cats – that’s just the way it is.

    I’ve seen deer stomp at the coons over a handful of sunflower seeds; racism?
    Probably not; they stomp at the bunnies, too.
    And other deer.

    The clown-people are so removed from reality that they can no longer distinguish fantasy and fraud from fact.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Harvard and the other kids in The Ivy League Band have destroyed their own credibility.

    Harvard is no more than a very expensive east coast community college graduating nothing
    but intellectual zombies…garbage in-garbage out…and incapable of critical thinking.


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