Harvey pulls a Polanski

Patriot Retort: Serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein has taken off for Europe ostensibly to seek treatment for his sexual deviance.

Yeah, right.


And the only reason he showered in front of women while discussing movie roles is because he likes to multi-task.

In the vast expanse of the United States of America, there isn’t one rehab for sex addiction?

How stupid do you think we are, Harvey?

No, this is Harvey pulling a Polanski.

What better way to avoid jail than fleeing the country?

According to TMZ, a friend of Harv’s said “He wants to come back with fresh, new ideas.”

Sure he does.

And it will just be a coincidence that he dreams up those fresh, new ideas around the time the statute of limitations on any rape accusations is up.  MORE

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  1. Harvey, trust me, Europe will not provide you the “treatment” you need. Might I suggest you visit Dubai or one of the other liberal enclaves of the middle-east.

  2. Call out the FBI, they should be able to locate him after November, if at all.
    Harvey was just careless, you know, the same way Hillary was careless.
    Hillary put our Nation Safety in jeopardy, squandered $Billions that are still unaccounted for, awarded insider contracts, favors for Foundation Contributors, and got US Citizens killed. Harvey raped women, sexually harassed and verbally abused them.

    No excuses, Hillary and Harvey are both criminal scumbags….but Hillary is by far the worse of the two and she’s not even being investigated and Harvey is.

    Indict and prosecute them both for the criminals they are!

  3. “He wants to come back with fresh, new ideas.”
    to quote Lawrence, the next-door neighbor in ‘Office Space’ … “Watch your cornhole, buddy”

  4. There are conflicting reports saying he was at his daughter’s house threatening suicide last night.

    What? No rope in the house? How about a lamp cord? Picture wire? A dry cleaning bag?

    Get “Pulp Fiction” creative, you creative slubberdegullion.

  5. Let him go.
    He’ll charter a plane.
    Let the Israelis handle this, because it will take some finesse.
    Take the plane out over the ocean. Have the Pilot go back and inform him that due to a large thunderstorm they will detour two hundred miles to the south.
    Drug his drink.
    When he’s out, put the plane in a slow circle in the middle of the Atlantic.
    The flight crew welds the cockpit door shut and sweeps the cabin for phones and radios and they go out the door. Except for the captain.
    He gives Harvey a shot of adrenaline to wake him up then he goes out the door.

  6. Paris, France is the home of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the African maid rapist, and Roman Polanski, the child rapist. Weinstein would fit right in with these two perverts. Since Harvey Weinstein seems to be suicidal, I’m sure with his notoriety, room for him can be found in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison and Chopin are big tourists attractions. Weinstein, Strauss-Kahn, and Polanski all need to be thrown into whatever the modern day equivalenti of the Bastille is in Paris, but that will never happen.

  7. Also, that there won’t be as many reporters pestering him over there.

    If he went to rehab here, TMZ would be parked outside and maybe get someone inside.

    Pretty transparent.

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