Harvey Weinstein is not the nastiest thing going on in Hollywood

American Thinker:

As more (and more) revelations come out about slimeball and (alleged) serial rapist Harvey Weinstein, there is a more sinister conspiracy still hidden in the Hollywood hills: pedophilia.

It seems that, for a decade and more, courage was in short supply in Hollywood, as dozens (maybe hundreds) of people knew of Harvey’s predilections (for starlets) and did absolutely nothing. It has now been reported that as far back as 2004, the N.Y. Times was aware of at least some of the extent of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse and, one suspects for political reasons, decided to spike a story that would have exposed and possibly put a stop to his deviancy.  How many women were sexually assaulted or even raped between 2004 and today?  It’s been reported that Matt Damon and Russell Crowe were part of a group that pressured the Times not to report on these salacious activities.  Are they, in part, culpable for subsequent assaults?  How about all of the dozens of Miramax employees and others who sent young women to Harvey to be exploited and abused?

Sadly, Harvey Weinstein’s act isn’t the darkest in Hollywood’s repertoire – at least that we know of.  As has been reported, the women Harvey sexually abused were adults.  But did Harvey rape or sexually abuse any minors?  Corey Feldman?  Corey Haim?  Drew Barrymore?  The Olsen twins?  more here

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  1. This is the kind of hypothetical question that I don’t like, but do you think the shit would be hitting the fan for these guys if Hillary had won the election?

  2. Don’t they have another guy who was convicted of molesting a little boy who was welcomed back with open arms?

  3. this has been going on in H’wood almost a century …. since a 16-year old Judy Garland was being molested by Louie Mayer during the filming of ‘Wizard of Oz’

  4. I wonder how many of the perverts and victims are spokespersons for global warming, social justice, the democrat party and all the other progressive/socialist agendas.
    The egos of the perpetrators and victims yearn for societal acceptance.

  5. Liberals are so unlike the rest of us I keep asking why they and us are not completely separated by borders?

  6. Young girls are recruited by Disney.
    Then they use MK ultra on them.Then they
    end up like Miley Cyrus…

  7. Maybe the real victim is old Harv the perv who was put upon by so many women eager to use their bodies to score a highly desirable and lusted after perk/part! They not only hit the fame and fortune jackpot they were lusting after but now as an added bonus they get to sue him for even more goodies for ostensibly harming their saintly and virginal personas!

  8. Iv’e often wondered about Hollywood and The Democrats unspoken bond ,and now I see they had a “secret club” that could never be spoken of !
    Raid them all and do it now, the Dem’s will have their ghosts in there tidying up. so be thorough !!!

  9. From the article – “how many will extend that bravery to the most innocent in Hollywood: child victims of pedophilia?”

    Uhm, my guess is ZERO.

  10. This is what I said in a previous post. Any parent that offers their children up to Hollywood for fame and fortune is a child abuser. Pure and simple. Why? Because the fact that pedophelia is widespread in the movie business is well known.

  11. My first wife accused me of being a pedophile.

    I said, “Whoa! Isn’t that a pretty big word for a 13-year-old?”


  12. NEW LAW

    Any adult who rapes / sexually assaults a child under 18, the parents will be the punishers.

    That’s justice.


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