Has Bernie Sanders Been Lying About His Past?

not bernie

LibertyNews: The Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign has circulated a photo showing of what they claim to be, Sanders standing among his peers while holding a book. Sanders also stated that he was “sure the man in the photo is me.”

However, four of Sanders’ old classmates have come forward and stated that the man in the photo is in fact, Bruce Rappaport, another former student of the University of Chicago who had passed away in 2006.  more here

SNIP: Is Sanders so feeble that he can’t recognize himself in a photo or is he just a liar?


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  1. You. If he becomes preezy.
    They’re trying to paint him as an old demented/liar. [Which he is]
    So, pick up some paint and help them.

  2. Bernie’s a sick, lying retard who believes that when women make love they fantasize about being gang-raped.

    While this is probably true for male homosexuals, I kinda doubt that it’s true of normal women.

    He didn’t have to wait for senility.

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