Has Biden’s Curve Flattened?

American Thinker:
By Monica Showalter

After a week of gaffes, it’s happened. Joe Biden is dropping in the polls. According to Newsweek:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump has fallen by three points over the last week, according to new polling data.

The latest survey by Reuters and Ipsos found that Biden led Trump by six points among registered voters, with 45 percent backing the challenger and 39 percent favoring the incumbent.

The former vice president also had a four-point lead among Independent voters. A third of the group (33 percent) said they would back Biden, while 29 percent said the same of Trump.

Which is the start of some kind of trend given the size of the drop. For months, Biden has inexplicably out-polled President Trump and it was strange stuff, given that even the better pollsters, such as IBD/TIPP were seeing this.

What it sound like now is voters are paying attention. They’re starting get a good look at this pig-in-a poke and they’re not liking what they see. Three points in a week from a 48% base represents a 16% drop. That’s about the same as the difference between a C- and a D+ on a 4.0 school grading system. That signals a shift, given that the poll numbers have been largely steady until now.

What fostered the drop? Three things stand out:

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  1. He might be losing the blak vote so he’s going to need to egg on more riots and looting to show he’s on their side.

    This presents a problem for white police officers in trying to find out who did the looting. Because they can’t tell the blacks apart. Because of the masks.

  2. Biden’s head has irreversibly


    He has become almost as smart as


    and demonstrably as stupid as


  3. It’s funny that everyone knows that in the polling if they say Biden is way ahead he might be ahead, if he is ahead he is probably closer to even, and if he is even or worse then it’s all over for him. What is with these polls anyway?

  4. Biden was never ahead of POTUS Trump in “the polls.” LOL!!

    We’ve waited a long, long time for the Democrats to get stuck with a nominee who is *this* bad. I’m relishing every minute of it. They can hide all the scandals they want to, but they can’t hide Biden. The DNC really screwed their voters this time.

  5. Fed-Up

    Yep. A few of us have been screaming the Libtards are all set to kill this country by cheating at the polls. Everything is in place. They’re two damn confident. And the news media, including Fox, are co conspirators.

  6. It’s been said before; mis-leading polls are to influence people to not vote or support the polls pick. Another scam the DOJ should shut down.

  7. Running a bad candidate last time and a worse one this time.

    Almost as if they wanted Trump to win for covert purposes of their own.

    Maybe they do, the country seems to be heading in the direction they -or those controlling them- want now, and at a faster pace than if their candidate had won last round.

    Just speculation, something to think about.

  8. Biden was never intended to be the nominee. He was just there to drive the riff-raff out. At the convention the DNC will nominate who it really wants.

  9. RadioMattM — I honestly don’t think that’s going to happen. The D’s are just that completely arrogant (and hive-minded) to not force Biden down their bases’ throats.

  10. Russia hoax being declassified, Flynn case being declassified, impending criminal charges for O’bama’s not a smidgen of scandal operatives, including FBI. Senate hearings coming up.

    Riots, covid19, lock down, D’s will do anything to distract from Biden and all of the above.

    It’s a tragedy that man died in police custody though. Autopsy results = covid 19 death? (too soon?)

  11. Bad_Brad: If they do steal the election due to grotesque voter fraud, expect a different type of riot. The one with Gadsden and American flags and dragging Democrat politicians out into the street to be shot. You know, watering the Tree of Liberty stuff.

  12. Braden Lynch

    And maybe that’s for the best. There’s a really good tactical writer who has a very memorable quote, “There’s nothing wrong with this nation that 100 dead politicians laying in the street wouldn’t fix”

  13. Back to the basement. Just like with Hillary when Biden comes out of hiding he is so disastrous it is clear the strategy is hide him as much as possible and hope to flip public opinion on Trump. Probably why they now are onto impeachment 2 in 2021. The polls are BS since many Trump supporters today are people that haven’t voted in many elections and may not yet be registered. Let them believe their BS. Better tears when he wins.

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