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Has Trump trapped his leakers?

People who sell mailing lists, that they believe are copyrighted, seed their lists with a name and address that is only on the mailing list that you purchased.

If the unique person on that list receives another piece of mail, they know that that list buyer sold, or lent, the copyrighted mailing list to someone else.

Trump, it’s been reported, is employing similar cleverness to catch his leakers.

Intel is being passed with unique seeds in each report. If a story leaks and it contains the seed, then they’ve caught their leaker.

Trump is a clever, clever man.

He reminds me of the professor who was confronted by 4 students who missed their final exam because they were out drinking all night.

They concocted a story about a flat tire and pleaded with the professor to let them take a make-up exam.

The professor agreed. He sent them to 4 different rooms with a test that only had one question.

“Which tire went flat?”

Some people just can’t be outsmarted.

Trump is one of them.

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  1. Flynn set this whole thing up as a sting?

    If there are no consequences for the leakers, there will be no deterrent.

    Jail time and massive fines.

  2. I imagine President Trump has set out more fish traps and gill nets than an Alaskan Native American during the salmon run.
    Pretty sure the union cannot help a traitor.

  3. Nice move.

    I have a junk email address. When i travel i use it and usually within a weeks of going somewhere i get spammed.

  4. The National Guard troops on the border was the last bit of fake news, it was the last move to flush out the leakers, he now knows who they are’
    We will have to see if the DOJ will go after them and throw them in jail. And Gen. Flynn helped set this up, hopefully this will clear him and maybe still work for Trump somehow.
    Maybe there was a reason the 7th floor of the State Department was cleared out on Friday. To early to know if it is related.
    Justice has its moles also and needs to be cleared out next.

  5. In the old days of mailing lists, if I signed up for a magazine, I used one of my married name, for a second magazine I used my maiden name, etc. That way I knew which outfit sold my name and address to others.

  6. There are a lot of fates as bad as procuscation watch polar bears drown on melting icebergs, baby sitting missle silos in ND. Holding the guest book for visitors at the southern boarder and also a permanent listing on the. NO fly list

  7. None of them in the media. none of them, are a match for Donald Trump. That should be obvious to any thinking American by now. What 30 days? And he has them by the short hairs.

  8. This could be the greatest political story ever. To come in and decapitate your enemies before they realize they have lost is amazing. They are probably now saying to themselves “holy crap, this guy has us surrounded”!

  9. If this is true, it is a scary commentary on the status of our intel and security agencies. How many other times have they been punked that we don’t know about?

  10. Jethro whows what is going on with the intel community after barry has had his run of things.
    To me it sounds like Flynn set this whole trap up with help from the good guys in the intel community, they took the bait and its about to blow up in their faces.
    One other thing about Flynn is he is very good at espionage, he is one of the most well read military leader like Mattis, these are smart people that President Trump has hired across the board not a clunker in the bunch, we are very lucky he is in the White House.

  11. WHEN HILLARY IS INDICTED, can’t wait to see the look on their faces!

    Trump would be smart to eliminate a 2020 opponent, and bury the clinton crime machine even lower into the dirt. Heck the stress of facing a felony trial for each piece of deleted evidence (30,000) might be enough to cause a heart attack.

  12. He is skillful with his use of a fileting knife. They don’t even know they’ve been cut until they look down and see themselves bleeding. BAMF!

  13. Good for Trump. I hope the leakers serve some Federal prison time.

    Cartographers catch people who steal their map-making work by planting a fake cul-de-sac here and there.

  14. Excellent thread BFH, especially after watching the first Dirty
    Harry movie again this evening. The article was like bad blood in the water..

  15. I read about spooks doing this kind of stuff 25 or 30 years ago – changing punctuation, or slight wording on each copy of a document (the days of typewriters) and figured that the modern spook was too savvy to fall for it.

    But I have been wrong, before …

    izlamo delenda est …

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