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Has Wyoming done a 2020 election audit?

Liz Cheney says she’ll campaign on impeaching Trump ‘every day of the week’ amid primary challenges

FOX: Rep. Liz Cheney said in an interview with Punchbowl News Thursday that she will stand behind her vote to impeach former President Trump “every day of the week” as she faces multiple primary challengers in her 2022 reelection effort. 

Cheney, R-Wyo., is the chair of the House Republican conference and has taken heat from many on the right over her vocal condemnation of Trump after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by a mob of his followers.

That has spurred Trump’s wrath in multiple forums and triggered a handful of Republicans to announce primary challenges to her — Trump said in a statement earlier this month he will endorse one of them soon.  more

25 Comments on Has Wyoming done a 2020 election audit?

  1. We’ll see how it turns out.

    However it does, it will reflect the thinking of the people of Wyoming and what values they hold.

  2. Horse apple doesn’t fall far from daddy’s ass, eh?

  3. Chipped Cheney on burnt toast is being served all over Wyoming this year. She’s shit on a shingle.

  4. Some people go out of their way to be hated, others just have a knack for it.

  5. Some people never learn not to open your mouth and continue to verify your a fool.

  6. She was first in line to give Jobama a fist bump after that rambling confirmation of “We the people is the Federal Government”. The 2022 mid terms are our last hope.

  7. “The _____ mid terms are our last hope.”

    We always say that. Remember 2010 and the Tea Party? Where’s the legacy of that today? Gone.

  8. Anonymous

    You sound like a quitter. Got no time or patience for quitters.

  9. All the Bushies have shown their real colors of jealousy, money grubbing, power thirsty, two-faced, back stabbing, globalist, marxist ways.
    No one likes them any more.

  10. Stupid Anonymous, Tokyo Rose comments.

    The tea party isn’t gone. You just can’t see us. And update your rolodex there, Anonymous. We’re not called the tea party anymore. That changed in 2016.

  11. Are we sure this aint Dick’s lesbo daughter???

  12. @Brad

    I noticed how happy she looked at “free shit for everyone speech.”

  13. Bush folk have hated conservatives since “Voo Doo econ”! For those < 60 that was 41 years ago.
    Cheney is, and always has been a Bush man/girl! Still loves GWB! So, natch, she hates Don.

  14. Brad always trying to start a fight where none is warranted.

  15. Anonymous

    I totally get why you post under Anonymous

  16. There’s plenty of fights that are warranted. That’s a big part of out problem, we don’t have enough fighters.

  17. joe6pak

    And we don’t need the defeatist negative energy.

  18. I may not always be a wet rag, but when I’m not, I’m stating the obvious.

  19. Tea partiers voted for Trump. Both times. Quite obvious.

  20. Just when you think there’s no one you hate more than Nancy Pelosi…

  21. “Are we sure this aint Dick’s lesbo daughter???”

    Looks more like a GOPer Hillary to me. Or Blasey Ford’s sister, maybe.

  22. She is the poster child of what has plagued the Republican party for decades. She is a foreign agent acting Republican.

  23. Remember: multiple primary challengers = re-election.

    If Republicans can’t unite behind ONE primary challenger, the opposition vote gets split half a dozen ways and she gets another two years.


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