Hastert To Plead Guilty

Former Speaker for the House of Representatives, Dennis Hastert (IL-R) has agreed to change his plea to guilty in a case involving a scheme to hide payments made to a former student.

 Hastert Perp

 It is alleged that the former student, known only as Individual A, received $1.7 million from the former speaker in order to keep quiet over “past misconduct” when Hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach in Yorkville, Il.


His lawyers claimed Hastert was not going to get a fair hearing due to the sexual abuse accusations that acted like an “800-pound gorilla” in the room. 



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  1. Anybody take issue with the actual charges against Hastert. They didn’t get him for being a pedophile, they got him for moving large sums of his own money around.

    It bother’s me anyway that I can’t use my money the way I want to. I know, I know the intention of the law is to spot drug dealers and prevent them from making huge buys. Find, go after them, but to hold everyone else to a possible crime because of the way we want to use our own money bugs my libertarian streak.

  2. Hastert is scum. If they were going to prosecute him for something, I wish it had been for the land deal he devised to enrich himself. He bought up some land, then used his position to get a highway constructed through the center of it, so he could sell it off to developers. He may have been taking lessons from Harry Reid.

  3. Which law did he break? Withdrawing his own money from his own account?

    He may be a perv (probably is) but he’s not being charged with that.

    If he’s going to jail for withdrawing personal funds that he legally earned, claimed and paid taxes on then freedom in this country has truly reached the end of days.

  4. whoever came up with the idea of tracking cash? there is no justifiable reason to include all innocent folks for the purpose of maybe catching a drug dealer. What drug dealer is going to use a bank anyway?

  5. I agree with those that mourn the loss of liberty to withdraw one’s own money from their own bank account.

    What ticks me off is how a Congressman can have a couple of million laying around to buy off someone.

    Also, last I checked blackmail is illegal. Why isn’t Individual A getting charged with anything.

  6. I hope he goes away for a LONG TIME. The bastard.

    He really is scum and SO Corrupt.

    Look at the land deals he was involved in just as soon as he left the house.

  7. Not saying it’s the case in this country, but Chase Manhattan and another bank I can’t remember the name of did it in Panama on Norriega’s (and other drug dealers’) behalf for years.

  8. I could tell you stories about “inquiries” from bank tellers re what a depositor was going to do with the money she was withdrawing. It can be as little as $4K. In their defense, they are ordered by the gubmint to do it!

  9. That’s the whole point of getting elected.
    A Congressman Moose-buddy of my uncle tried to get him to do a straw purchase for a cloverleaf in GA about 50 years ago. He wouldn’t do it, but the Congressman made millions.

  10. The banking laws in question were designed to prevent drug dealers from using banks to wash their profits. It is doubtful that the law is even constitutional for it’s intended purpose. But to use it to prosecute a civilian using his money/bank legally is just wrong. I do not know why prosecutors knowingly use these laws to punish the innocent.

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