Hat Chat with Reader Meir (of New York)

The other day I posted a “let me know if you want to talk” post and Meir, a self-described avid reader of this blog, but not a prolific commenter, stepped up.

His name is Meir (pronounced like mayor) and he calls himself, amusingly, Meir of New York.

This was our first international conversation.

The pictures below are apropos to the conversation. They’ll make sense when we get to it in the discussion.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your perspective with us, Meir of New York. That was quite interesting. I enjoyed listening to that!

  2. Oh wow. That’s where the Palestinians live? No wonder they’re always angry. It’s oppression! That is a 4-star area and it should be FIVE STAR area. *eyeroll*

    Always great to hear from a reader!

  3. Meir sounds just like all my Jewish customers from NY (@ 40% of my customer base – they keep their NY cell numbers).

    I’ve been assured by the Rabbis – the more orthodox, the more conservative.

    Yes, it ended too abruptly.

    Thank you to both of you.

  4. What were the Jews called before they got their own country?


    Funny how history forgets that.

  5. The “victim olympics”, I’ll use that. I’m happy to hear there is an iOTWer in Isreal. We need more input from The Meir.

  6. The Meir indicated that he might want to be a bit of correspondent in Israel.
    Our go-to guy.

    Good idea?

  7. iOTW might have its first (?) foreign correspondent. It makes me wonder who else is here from other countries.

  8. Meir, What’s it going to take to get the U.S. Jewish community to start voting for conservative candidates? Any idea why they drift so hard left in the first place?

  9. Amazing what you learn when you listen to
    a local over there isn’t it?
    Thanks for the other side of the story Meir.

    You guys speak way tooooo fast, LOL.

  10. What a delightful young man, full of hope for the future. Refreshing to hear an intelligent, cogent, patriotic (American/Israeli) who knows his history!
    Fast talker? Doesn’t bother me in the least, compels me to listen more closely.
    I vote yea for Meir of NY via Israel as iotw correspondent.

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the nice comments.
    Sorry for the fast talking, I have tried slowing down in general, but I have not been successful in doing so. I grew up in a large family where everyone always had something to say, so in order to get your word in, you needed to speak quickly.

    Those pictures which are accompanied along with the interview don’t say that everyone lives in that high standard, I just wanted to showcase how these people are not oppressed as generally made out to be. Of course there are ‘poor’ neighborhoods, just like in every country, but I would assume this is somewhat similar to a regular country.

    @Dadof4: It is true that the more orthodox one is, the more conservative. Where I grew up (an orthodox community in Long Island), everyone was super conservative, and up until I started following politics (around age 14), I thought that all jews were very conservative. (How wrong I was)

    @Bad_Brad: I think Jews have this internal magnet to always be on the side of the oppressed (for whatever reason; It could be because of historical Jewish oppression). From King Ahab (Pronounced Achav. See this link for details: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/463995/jewish/Ahabs-War-with-Benhadad.htm) in the Book of Kings to the Rabbis marching alongside the blacks in the marches, you can see this throughout history. Usually what sets limits on this is the adherence to the Torah, which tells us the limits of pity and in general how to behave. So even if the first reaction is to pity all the oppressed etc, there are things which are more important, and sometimes the Torah will even tell us not to pity a specific person (such as a killer).
    On the other hand, a Jew who does not follow the Torah is completely beholden to his feelings, and therefore he will take this trait to the extreme, hugging murderous people, advocating for people with mental disorders, and in general putting their fellow neighbors in danger with their foolish and misinformed behavior. So I really don’t think there is much hope to get a nonreligious Jewish public to vote conservative.


  12. The Romans renamed Judea Palestine. End of Story. Never was named Palestine before the Romans. A little fact the MSM never tells us.

  13. Meir, What was the name of the other blog you check out? I know / frequent Ace of Spades… just wanted to take a look. thanks!

  14. BFH that was great. I really enjoyed Hat Chat with Meir.
    What do you say we put together IOTW road trip to Israel?
    My first year out of Catholic College a Priest friend invited to go to Israel with my school and I didn’t go because of work and low funds. One of my biggest regrets.

  15. Good talk, Mr. Meir, you gave this slow talking Southern boy a run.
    Feels like my ears were in an Olympics.

  16. @OpenTheDoor Haha, I always admired the southern accent

    @JTucker: It is the same reason why Palestinians call themselves “Balistinians” since they can’t say the “P.” Also Nablus (what we call Sh’chem) was originally named “Naples” by the Romans, but they could not pronounce the P.

    @Cate: I read different websites for different reasons. I use Ace for in depth analysis, Zerohedge for real time news, and IOTW for entertainment and news which I don’t see in other places. I used to read TheConservativeTreehouse, but recently the way they root for and propagandize for Trump has made it hard to read it. I know they said they wanted to destroy the GOPe and get him elected, which is why I kept reading it up until he won. But even now, they always report a spin on him which is obviously twisting the facts into a pretzel, even when the stuff he does is wrong. I think it is safe to say that Trump is not a perfect person, and he has a great potential to be completely corrupted, so we should definitely call him out (or at least not explain away) every time he does something which is not what we want.
    I also used to read Hotair, but they have become too RINO for my tastes. I have started reading frontpagemag, as they seem to have good, in depth articles, but I in general don’t read that much anymore due to constraints on time (which is a good thing).

  17. ” I think it is safe to say that Trump is not a perfect person, and he has a great potential to be completely corrupted”

    Boy, I think you got that one way wrong. None of us are perfect. Trumps a self made man. He already had the power and the wealth. He didn’t need to run for office. But he’s a Patriot and he sees where we are headed if things don’t change.

  18. Alrighty then Meir, I’ve just cut you from my Will. 😊
    Because we’re granted free will in addition to our sinful nature, we all have the propensity to be corrupted. In Pres TRUMP’s defense, he’s had more opportunity to be corrupted in public life than now where he’s so closely scrutinized. Although the reported 2 scoops of ice cream when his dinner guests are served 1 is suspicious.
    As to TCTH, check in from time to time. I’ve been there since the Zimmerman trial and Sundance has contributed on so many other stories unrelated to Trump. He & followers are without a doubt rabid supporters (myself included) and commenters can lean towards the absurd sometimes, but with arrows pointed at our president on a daily basis, it’s a nice place to be informed on the accomplishments of he & his cabinet, that I don’t find at other sites.

  19. Hi Everyone, sorry for not replying, we are a bit like the Amish on Saturday, no electronics.
    In any case, I WAS NOT saying Trump is corrupt (and I am definitely not a Never Trump. I was the biggest Trump fan during the election). I was saying that he is not a perfect person. And with politics in general, I believe that people are considered guilty until proven innocent (would anyone disagree with me?). So I think it is good to always “annoy” trump to make sure he sees that we are watching him. I don’t think we should follow him blindly and assume all is good.

    @smartcookie: I agree, they seem to have an insane pendant for investigating things correctly, I just don’t like this cult following of Trump, and that he can do no bad.

  20. Again, I am not saying he is corrupt. I just think we should watch him. And I do think he is a patriot and that he loves the USA, but that doesn’t mean he can’t sell us out. We have seem many a politician in the past completely sell us out, even though he seemed so good at first.

  21. Meir, seeing as how no one is perfect, would you then classify yourself as having great potential to being completely corrupted?

  22. Yes, I would. That is the way humans work. That is why we need a value system, something which holds us back from out human instincts.

  23. If you continue to live an honest, productive life I expect you would answer that differently when you are 60 years old.

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