Hate Crime Hoax: Drake University Student Admits to Sending Racist Notes to Herself, Others

Breitbart Tech:

A Drake University student is facing charges and possible expulsion after it was discovered she sent racist notes to herself and others, in what turned out to be an elaborate hate crime hoax.

The student, identified as Kissie Ram by the Des Moines police, has been charged with making false police reports regarding the racist notes found by students on campus in November, according to the Des Moines Register.

Student Keith Walker found the first racist note on November 7, which had been slid under his dorm-room door, demanding that the student leave the school due to the color of his skin.

In the following weeks, four additional racist notes had surfaced around campus, accelerating a widespread concern among students and staff across the university. On November 12, the university announced that white supremacist robocalls had been made throughout the campus community.

“We still have a lot of work to do to create the welcoming and supportive community” stated the university president, Marty Martin, in a memo, “The forces of hate are mobilized, but they don’t control us or what happens on our campus.”

The following day, thousands of concerned Drake University students, staff, and alumni rallied against racism on campus.  more here



14 Comments on Hate Crime Hoax: Drake University Student Admits to Sending Racist Notes to Herself, Others

  1. As it always is, was, and will be: fake racism. Why? If I remember correctly, “to advance the narrative”. And again, I’ll ask, “why? if there is no REAL racism, what is there to discuss? besides in your fevered Libtard imagination.”

  2. You want to “create the welcome and supportive community”? Then quit supporting made up crap that divides people,…….like, oh, say, FAKE RACISM.

  3. Sybil,
    His/her/its name and what he/she/it did is digitally recorded for posterity, for any potential employer to research. And “digital is forever”. I can see loooooong periods of unemployment ahead for this yute.
    Kissee is about to learn a harsh lesson about The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences.

  4. Knowing Drake, they will probably award her an honorary doctorate degree and then hire her as the new dean of students.

  5. All these liberals squawk about “bringing us together”. I don’t want to be together with a bunch of evil satanists. I want them to stay away from me as far as possible, and I in turn will stay away from them and their shit.

    “Lets paint the street black for solidarity”. They are virtue-signaling to boost their own low self-esteem. The school president sounds as spineless as a jellyfish.

  6. Before the facts are in, the administration comes out with this “we’re coming together to fight racism and make the university a safe and welcoming place for all….doesn’t matter what you are. You could be blind, deaf, backward, have the siph, be an albino negro dwarf who killed his father and raped his mom….you could be on death row but we believe in you. You may be an undocumented immigrant who rapes 6 year old girls, but c’mon down, we’ve got a place for you at Drake. If you voted 10 times for a democrat in the recent election but you hate Trump….we’re gonna love you. Together is what it takes to eliminate all the hate we have here at Drake.

  7. “Hate Crime Hoaxer” is a one trick pony while “Florida Man” always has a rich and nuanced story that draws the reader in.


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