Hate telemarketers? Try This

It’s a weird vague strange conversation that’s designed to keep the telemarketer on the hook.

You can patch it in and then listen to see how it goes.

And anyone may test out Anderson’s Jolly Roger Telephone Co. service by using these simple instructions from his site:


more –.>with sample of a phone call.

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  1. I would LOVE a “customized” version JUST for political junk calls!

    It’s that time of year….

  2. Ugh! The solar panel calls 4x a week! But this is working pretty well: “I’m sorry, my wife and I think solar panels are ugly and would ruin the aesthetics of our lovely home. We still laugh when we drive by that neighbor’s home. Thanks anyway and please don’t call again.” Click.

  3. I usually answer every call as I have my cell right next to where I’m working but I just don’t have the time to fuck with them.

  4. I use an app called Fake a Fax. When they call I turn it on, and it sounds like a fax modem. They hang up, thinking the number is a fax, and I never hear from them again !

  5. Do not answer telemarketer calls. If you do not recognize the number do not answer. If you answer, you’ve just confirmed you’re number is attached to a real person. Telemarketers then sell your number even though you asked to be removed from “their” list.

  6. First time, I ask them to put me on their “Do Not Call” list.
    Second time, I keep them on the line, go outside away from everyone else, then scream into the phone.
    There is no third time.

  7. I tell them to please excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom, put the receiver down, and wait in another room until I hear the tone which signifies they hung up.

  8. Until I stopped listening to Rush and Levin, I used to put the phone down right next to the radio to hear them. Now the only one I will share with anyone is Savage.

  9. My father at 85 years old is hard of hearing. He gets all kinds of calls, many of which are from semi-English speaking telemarketers. He listens patiently for a while and when they pause he says “I can’t understand a word you’re saying” (which is true). After they repeat, he responds with “where are you calling from” or “how did you get my number”. They usually have had enough by then and hang up.

  10. I had great fun with one marketer.

    marketer: “Hello, Mr,.Blahblah, how are you today?”

    me: “Oh, I’m not doing so well today, my back gave out on me last night and I had a hard time sleeping and that darn cat got out again and I had to call off sick because of the shingles and …”

    marketer: “I’m sorry to hear that-”

    me: “…and that darn son of mine got arrested again, that’s the second time this year and darn if I’m gonna bail him out this time…”

    marketer: “I see, Mr, Blahblah, I-”

    me: “…but I couldn’t get over to the jail anyway because the old car broke down again and I can’t get it into the garage until next week…”

    marketer: “Mr. Blahblah, I-”

    me: “…you’d think in this day and age they could build a car that might last little long than they do, but –

    marketer: *click*


    Lately I’ve been answering obvious marketing calls by screaming into the phone in a faux Chinese rant.

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