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Have No Fear, Democrat Man Is Here

How would democrats save the world if they were superheroes? Let’s find out. Watch

4 Comments on Have No Fear, Democrat Man Is Here

  1. That’s a winner.
    Because it has an element of Truth.

  2. Democrat Man,”Chin up there, Buckwheat (yes, they are all racists), look on the bright side, nobody expects you to do well in school, in 5 years you will be making serious bank selling meth, you will have fathered 6 kids with no consequences, in 8 years you will get an affirmative action scholarship to Harvard with no requirement to even attend class, and after securing a prestigious law degree there will be no expectation of you succeeding in anything because you have a built-in ready-made excuse for failure, you are black poor disenfranchised and never had a chance in life.

  3. Is a democrat man actually a woman?
    (or is that the other way around?)

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