Have we been overestimating Ilhan Omar?

There have been a number of occasions when Omar has said and done things that led me to wonder whether she is a person of unusually limited intelligence.

Powerline: As you probably know, Ilhan Omar is back in the news. She has taken a lot of criticism for her “some people did something” speech to a CAIR group in California. The problem with Omar’s speech is that she portrayed the September 11 terrorist attacks in anodyne fashion, while suggesting that their real significance lay in the horrific infringements of civil liberties that followed. (Only, of course, they didn’t.) Liberals have generally fallen in line to support Omar, while President Trump tweeted this just a few hours ago:

But Omar made the news today because of this tweet, which is puzzling to say the least:


“The people — and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!” President George W. Bush

Was Bush downplaying the terrorist attack?

What if he was a Muslim 🤔

What is striking about Omar’s tweet is that there is no angle from which it makes sense. She implies that President Bush said something comparable to her “some people did something” riff, but the implied analogy is nonexistent. Bush vowed to destroy the terrorists who attacked the U.S. Omar suggested that the terrorist attacks were of little consequence except insofar as they prompted an alleged backlash against Muslims–by President Bush, presumably. The two statements could hardly be more different.  more

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  1. Polishing up a turd and dropping it in a punch bowl, makes it no less a turd. This little skinnie is definitely fits in the shiny turd category.

  2. This pattern of laying the American people at the alter of Cultural Marxism (PC) in order to appease their gods has to be stopped. Thank God they don’t tout fanatic dictator types as a victim group. We’d have to elect one just to prove we aren’t bigoted.

  3. Inbreeding does that most of the time. Whatever the cause of her low IQ, she’s a gift that keeps on spouting.
    Allah speed, Ilhan Omar.

  4. She’s a typical savage given an anti-American education.

    The plaudits given to her accomplishment of checking off some boxes is what’s known as the soft bigotry of no expectations.

  5. All I know is never argue with these people this stupid.
    They will only drag you down to their personal level of
    absolute suck and beat you with experience!

  6. Neither Omar, AOC, Tlaib, Pressley or the freshman class of progressives write their own tweets or legislative proposals. Heck, most of Congress read the scripts composed via staffers/lobbyists. One only need pay attention in hrgs when challenged on the subject. Totally throws them off message.
    AOC in particular is a stuttering fool, much like obama, when they try to free style. Just watch her in a hearing, even when she attempts to interject her own language, she’ll glance back down as she has just enough awareness to know she’s strayed into the danger zone.

  7. “Be the fustest with the mostest.”

    It is no sin to underestimate an enemy and utterly annihilate him – thus, we step on bugs we could either easily ignore or simply squash them to death with our little finger.

    We opt for overwhelming force just to be sure.

    Ilhan Omar is NOT an American in any sense of the word – she does not subscribe to and respect our Constitution, our institutions, or our Foundations. She is a jabbering harpie who is unable to even abide by her own “beliefs.” That she is a hypocrite is glaringly obvious. That she is a liar, is also, glaringly obvious. She is (probably) a genius relative to her constituents.

    The worm which catches us a fish is infinitely more valuable than the worm which remains under its rock – and she is catching someone a fish.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. George “No new taxes” Bush was prez when Ilhan Omar arrived in the USA. Clinton, Bush and Obama continued to import this non-assilmilating protected class unabated. aside from infuriating Americans on a daily basis her only other accomplishment has been to get Jeanine Pirro suspended.

  9. Speaking for myself only; no, I haven’t overestimated her. The only job she’s qualified for is as a speed bump in the House parking lot.

  10. I agree with mcn. She is Somali. Of course she has limited intelligence. Perhaps we should require IQ tests for our representatives.

  11. I was a musloid from the day i left school
    wore my hijab and got elected by fools
    I’d sit and read my koran all day
    married my brother so he could stay

    My imams taught me what life wasn’t about
    So i grew up the type they warned me about
    They said us moslems were just an unruly mob
    And i should cut my head off or wear the hijab

    cut my head or wear the hijab
    Clean your act up and don’t be a slob
    Get together with that fat bitch tlaib
    We’ll cut your head off if you don’t wear the hijab

  12. She’ll run her mouth and piss the wrong people off, and that will be the end of her.
    Harry Reid who?
    Patience, grasshopper.

  13. riverlife_callie – Background checks, drug tests and minimum standards, like no criminal record… just like most jobs require!
    That would really thin out the herd on the Left cuz most of these pukes “working” as politicians couldn’t hold down a job in the private sector if they had to!!

  14. Don’t let the people who voted her into office off the hook.
    They’re such dim bulbs rooms become darker when they enter, the sun appears less bright when they go outside. Odd bulbs that by some unknown force attempts to lower all others lights to the same low luminance.

  15. Too much family inbreeding. It’s a Muslim “thing”.
    I understand that mental illness runs rife in
    places like Pakistan because of cousin to cousin
    arranged marriages. No reason that “stupid” doesn’t.

  16. I think I can translate Omar’s jihad inspired, devious, victimhood tweet.
    She first sets up a reflective thought with this;
    “The people — and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!”
    President George W. Bush

    She should have said her statement, this way; “Does that sound like Bush was – downplaying the terrorist attack?”
    This statement is her attempt at stating Bush was out for revenge instead of justice for the actual 911 victims. Justice is something barbarians know nothing about.

    Then Omar introduces another thought, separate from her previous statements;

    “What if he was a Muslim”
    Here, she wants us to consider if the hijackers were Westerners, preferably white Christians and the victims of 911 were Muslim, who could blame a Muslim from making the same comment Bush did.

    Since she’s an inbred, hateful retard, this scenario is a possibility, despite the fact such an act is diametrically opposed to Western culture or the Christian faith.

    The world view of Islam is to destroy everything that is not under it’s control. Any resistance is seen as oppression. A strategy used to insure their followers see themselves as perpetual victims of infidels.

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