Have you ever thought about how masks affect the deaf and the hard of hearing?

I escort a lovely elderly lady to her doctors’ appointments
and I have to repeat everything they tell her because of the masks. She even tells them, “I can’t understand you, it helps if I can see your lips.” Nope. They won’t pull the mask down. It is so frustrating for people like her.
They KNOW masks don’t work, but they put on a charade and it tortures people in the process!

╰☆☆ ᗰEᒪᒪIE ☆☆ ╮@001mellieThis is truly sad. Never really thought about deaf people needing to read lips. I feel her pain – y’all know I love my Dunkin’!


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  1. I know, I know… I’ll burn for that comment.

    It’s like removing yet another sense: sight, as if it’s not hard enough to cope in a silent world.

  2. OH YEA! Radioman worked 13 years in heavy marine
    construction including 100’s of hours of pile driving.
    All the highs are gone in my ears.Trying to listen to
    a female with a high pitched squeeky voice is tuff.
    With her mask on it is real tuff….

  3. My wife used to complain that I should learn to read lips… I never realized just how much I relied on it until masking commenced.

  4. I usually make anyone with a mask on repeat themselves, sometimes numerous times and usually because I really can’t understand WTF they’re saying. My hearing is legitimately poor and not being able to hear distinct pronunciations makes it doubly hard to understand.

    Sometimes it’s like listening to a fast food speaker with a scarf around it.

    Which doesn’t detract one bit from the frustration I see.

  5. Masks are also detrimental for very young children as far as their speech and communication skills are concerned.

    I teach preschool in CA. And yes, both teachers AND preschool children here are required to wear masks all the time, inside and outside, except for snack and lunch (when COVID is also on break, apparently).

    As a teacher, I am supposed to be alert for problems with speech and enunciation, but I find it very difficult to hear masked children speak clearly. QED, it is pretty much impossible for me to tell if they might need speech evaluation (very important at this early stage). And THEY can’t watch other people’s faces around them—children or adults—to learn how a person’s mouth helps to form certain sounds; neither can they hear correct enunciation.

    The fallout crap from mask-wearing never ends.

    SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 AT 8:12 PM

    “All the highs are gone in my ears.Trying to listen to
    a female with a high pitched squeeky voice is tuff.
    With her mask on it is real tuff….”

    Yep, years of sirens, horns, and industrial machenery did that to me too. My doctor called it “Woman and children” deafness because that’s the range I’m missing. I can hear tones some, but can’t make out actual words.

    Wife didn’t believe me when I told her, said it was “too convenient” so I took her with the next time so she could hear it from the (pre-Covid) horse’s mouth.

  7. Hearing aid in both ears and almost was going to bust TRF’s chops, but unless you’re hearing impaired you can’t understand how frustrating it can be.

    Also pisses off everyone around you with the constant “What, What…”

  8. Now the hearing impaired are being abused, it’s a disgrace.

    When the hell are freedom loving Americans going to take a stand and say enough already? 🤔

    Unfortunately this country has turned into sheeple and pussies. ☹️

  9. Well, for some time now I’ve been enjoying pretending to be hearing impaired and forcing people in masks to say things over and over again until they’re shouting. Most of them finally have removed their masks.

    So this works both ways.

  10. I watched this earlier today. Broke my heart and pissed me off all at the same time. Now I want to drill a Karen/Karl with a big right hand. I guess I should wear a mask while doing it. Interesting times.

  11. I had to deal with mumble mouths when I was a retail manager telling them to look the customer in the eye and enunciate clearly if they want continue to work for me. With a rag over their faces about half of the retail and restaurant help is all but impossible to understand these days.

  12. I didn’t realize I was a lip reader until this junk started. I don’t give them the time of day or tell them I don’t understand a word. I don’t suffer fools well anymore.

  13. So now I have to bust Anymouse’s chops?

    I remember the ‘what’, well my good friend when we visited ya’s! And realized I needed to compensate.


  14. ghost of brig gen j glover SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 AT 10:36 PM

    Depending on the setting, crowd, acoustics, tone ranges (totally deaf in some) it’s a mixed bag with the face diapers adding to the difficulties…

    Primarily due to an early affiliation with the 30.06

  15. We have a girl in our church who has a trach. Since she can’t use her vocal cords, she has learned how to speak using a non-vocal speech method. She does quite well speaking this way, but can be a little hard to understand at times. It’s downright impossible to understand her when she has a mask, because reading her lips is a key part to understanding her. Good thing we don’t have mask mandates in our neck of the woods. Yet.

  16. @anymouse when we come back to visit it will be on the range.

    And not the cattle or green pasture range either.

  17. Guns, bombs, aircraft screaming on the flight deck, rivet guns for 8 hours a day, yep, I’m hard of hearing.
    Didn’t realize how much I relied on lipreading.
    My club, private, tossed a coupla maskholes out, because we could.
    We normally allow “guests” it’s at the members discretion.
    The Target creep would get his ass handed to him around here.
    “Out, damn spot!” – The Bard

  18. You seriously think that any of these fukkin nazis GAF about the “impaired?”
    Aktion T-4 coming our way – the “impaired” first – the fit after their slavery has made them “impaired.”

    izlamo delenda est …


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