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Hawaii Is Holding an Election That Only Allows People of Certain Racial Background to Vote



It’s bad enough having a state hold an election that is racially discriminatory. Now we have a judge willing to allow it to move forward.

That would be federal district court Judge J. Michael Seabright (a George W. Bush appointee, surprisingly enough). He’s refused to issue an injunction to stop an election in Hawaii to set up a separate government that excludes anyone who doesn’t meet the state’s definition of “Native Hawaiian.”

Seabright’s deplorable decision in Akina v. State of Hawaii is on an emergency appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals—which, unfortunately, doesn’t always seem to believe in following Supreme Court precedent.


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  1. I think native Hawaiians should run the state. Just like native Texans should run the state. It’s a great idea.
    I vote for any native Texan to pass this law.

  2. I say let it go through, then use it as legal precedent for holding a whites-only election.

    Once the liberal media (but I repeat myself) has a shit-fit over that, point out that Hawaii did it first…

  3. Hawaii? I’ve heard of it but never been there. It’s somewhere in the Pacific Ocean right? The reason I know of it is because Obama was born there but some crazy people claim that to be untrue.

  4. Next to blacks, the most racism I have experienced(and believe, I could fucking care less) was the outright hostility directed at me on the island of Molokai.

    It’s the one island that refuses cruise ships to dock, allows no buildings higher then 3(?) stories and has remained as native as possible. But wow, I got occasional whiffs of resentment on the other islands but on Molokai, it was overt.

    There is this attitude fostered by the likes of the now dead singer IZ, that Hawaii would have been better off not becoming a state, that the whites have raped Hawaii(heard that one before?) and even going as far as fomenting open revel against the US government. I guess when it’s anyone but those right wing terrorists, it’s all good when the talk turns to violence.

    This election will do nothing but ramp up this racism. More Regressive idiocy. Multiculturalism is great unless it’s white culture that needs protection.

  5. Amen! My husband was military and never saw any of this on post. The “mokes” hate haoles (HOW-leez), or mainlanders, but they LOVE the welfare and tourist cash. When I landed a job (on Oahu), a young woman from Chicago took me aside and said, “Everyone here will be very nice to you and friendly. But if it ever comes down to you or a local, you’re going to get knifed in the back. Every time.”

    As for racist, the assorted Asians who make up the islands are THE most racist evah. They hate white Mainlanders, but they hate blacks more. And “salt and pepper” couples (mainly via the military) are considered the absolute worst.

  6. I have always thought that Stanley Dunham was in fact Obamas father–and his mother is some anonymous native trash. Abercrombie former governor who sucked Obamas ass tried to get this passed forever. SO when it is revealed that Obama is the biggest fraud on the planet he will be exempt from prosecution. Just my 2 cents. And Fuddy knew.

  7. Screw that shit hole.
    The most racist bullshit I ever dealt with was on the Big Island
    They like things like spam and welfare but everything else is bullshit.
    They voted at 97% to become a state.
    If they vote to recede, fine but we’re taking the infrastructure.
    Let the Chinese run things, see if you like it then, because without somebody Else’s money the Hawaiian Islands will return to squalor and cannibalism

  8. Just like Mexico…if you want to get their attention, Americans must stop going there !

    Wanna stop illegals from coming across the US/Mexican border in 2 weeks time ? Stop ALL USA tourism to Mexico until their gov’t stops the crossings ! Mexico receives about $11,970,000,000 in tourism money.

  9. This will be Obama’s last gift to Amerika! He’s going to have the state of Hawaii reclaim it’s independence in his last year. Then when he retires, he will proclaim their independence and they will become a new nation.

    Remember a few years ago when he casually called Hawaii a part of Asia? That was no mistake but a Freudian slip. He wants to make his birth place a new nation and live there.

    Oh and I hear the French are looking for a new location to test their nuclear weapons………. 😉

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