Hawking Freaks Over Climate Change

Because astrophysicists know all about Earth’s climate, Stephen Hawking predicted Venus-like temperatures of 250 degrees thanks to our nation rejecting the Paris Climate Accord.

I’m going to call a plumber now and ask him about black holes and the nature of the universe since I expect him to know as much about astrophysics as Hawking does about climate.


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  1. One of the people who, after learning more and more about less and less, eventually reaches the point where he knows everything about nothing.


    Sure you do Steve, now behave or we’ll take away your speech synthesizer.

  3. Surely this dumbass has heard of the sun. It changes a hell of a lot more than Earth’s climate and Earth’s climate is directly affected by the changing sun.

    Interesting how the fucktards in Paris come up with 3 years to avoid “climate disaster,” right on cue with Solar Minimum ending and Solar Maximum beginning.

  4. He’s absolutely right.
    Trump is going to destroy the entire earth.
    At the rate he’s going, we’ll be lucky to keep the moon.

  5. Hawking came up with one interesting theory {still unproven} in the early seventies, and his head has been in deep space ever since.

  6. “The greatest friend of ignorance is not knowledge, it is the illusion of Stephen Hawking.” – Anonymous

  7. No disrespect to his condition, but the fact that he can do nothing for himself and is utterly dependent on others for his every need, makes him the ultimate liberal, and his grip on this reality questionable.

  8. “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called”

    The Apostle Paul

  9. OK Professor Hawking … you’re a “scientist” … PROVE IT.

    Don’t SAY it – PROVE IT.

    Y’know, like Newton did with Gravity, Einstein did with Brownian Motion, Thompson did with Electrons, Maxwell did with Electo-Magnetism, Schroedinger did with Cats (Quantum Theory), Gamow did with Alpha decay, Heisenberg did with uncertainty, … ya remember them guys?

    It’s called “Shit or Get Off the Pot.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. He has been reading too much of his own press. Could care less what he says, thinks, or hypothesizes.

  11. Wish my mother could have lasted as long as he. She passed in ’82 after only 2 and a half years dealing with ALS. She wasn’t a ‘scientist’ though…just a fine Mom!!!

  12. Considering the accepted progression of ALS, I have such a difficult time thinking
    Mr. Hawking is generating these “thoughts” on his own.

    How sad (read: disgusting and sick) to use this man as a political puppet.

  13. Good point, Truffles. At least when Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye spread their mindless pap and slap the label of “SCIENCE!” on it, we know for sure it’s coming from them.

  14. BTW, that Hawking quote is so dense with irony, the mass of my laptop just reached that of a neutron star.

  15. He lost me at the quantum tunneling replacement of God during the big bang.
    God created the universe, and whatever existed before was his workshop.
    We are sailors on a ship that has been placed in a bottle.
    Some ‘wise men’ debate the existence of the bottle.

  16. He probably thinks the “scientists” are talking about science. If he hears that the original data has never been presented for peer review, he may then see the fraud.

  17. Since Hawking’s theory about Black Holes turned out to be wrong (at least he admitted it) I’ve ben having a suspicion that much of the earth shattering intellect that Hawking is credited with has more to his being in a chair and having a computer and sound box as a voice and suffering from ALS then what is actually happening upstairs. I think the man is/was very smart indeed however that point seems to be long since gone.

  18. Hawking- making assertions more fantastic than a 3 year old pontificating about Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny.

  19. The old dick head made a lot of money postulating fantasies that can’t be proven and wouldn’t matter if they could!

  20. What a dumbass. Earth’s atmosphere is nothing like Venus, which has much much more C02. This is totally irresponsible, anti-science, political ranting.

  21. Stephen Hawking has rational, intelligent reasons to fear climate change. Climate change, any form of climate change, causes animal migration. There’s a variation of, in every environment that has both bears and humans, “You don’t have to outrun the bear. You just have to outrun whoever’s with you.” Stephen Hawking knows, after all he is a genius, that when the bears start migrating, Al Gore will waddle away, Leonardo DiCaprio will vaunt over Al like some great gazelle god, and Stephen, poor Stephen, will end up being some bear’s “Closing time at the titty bar. I watched Leonardo DiCaprio flex his money maker in the flesh.” consolation prize. He’ll be used like a Japanese sex doll. Probably multiple times. Like a Japanese sex doll. Unless he turns back anthropomorphic climate change. Or pockets enough cash to move to bear free Mars.

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