Hawley bill would require at least 50% of product be made in U.S. to be sold in U.S.

Just the News: Missouri U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley has introduced a bill that would require more than 50% of the value of a product to be produced in the U.S. for it to be sold in the U.S. by 2025.

Instituting a local content requirement on manufactured goods is among provisions in Hawley’s proposed Make in America to Sell in America Act, which he says will boost U.S. manufacturing and secure the nation’s supply chains – a need illustrated by “Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis.”

“Shelves are empty. Prices are rising and the trade deficit is at a record high,” he said on FOX Business last week. “Now is the time for a bold, new economic agenda that will restore the American heartland and put American workers before corporate profits We cannot let this moment pass and return to Washington’s failed economic consensus.”

The proposed bill would end an era of “dangerous over-reliance on foreign factories,” Hawley said.

“Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis is getting worse with every passing day, straining the finances of working Americans who have already been forced to endure so much over the past year and a half. Biden’s policies have given us empty shelves and rising prices across the country,” he said. “It’s past time for the U.S. to end its crippling dependency on foreign manufacturing in countries like China and ensure that we actually produce the goods we need here at home.” MORE

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  1. Why do republicans submit these bills when there is no chance of passing? Couldn’t he have drafted that while Trump was still in office?

  2. Milton Freidman is rolling in his grave

    “In time of peace, we do to ourselves by tariffs what we do to our enemy in time of war. Friedman also makes this very important observation: Protectionism is enacted to benefit a small group at the expense of a large group. Free trade is a way of benefiting a large group at the expense of a small group.”

  3. Free trade?

    Call it a fucking banana but what ever the hell it’s morphed into has effectively placed us at the mercy of a communist country.

    I don’t consider 330M people a small group. When almost 100% of vital life saving drugs that are proscribed to millions of people in this country are manufactured in hostile countries, we’ve got a problem.

    Throw in 100s…no 1,000s of vital raw goods and items now off shored as well.

    And buddy, they most definitely do not have out best interests at heart.

  4. DJT had a plan. And it was working. That’s why the Deep State and the Chicoms released a Bio Weapon on us and why they removed him from office.
    I grew up doing precision machine work for the Silicon Valley guys. Back then it was dripping with money. And I watched first hand the Chinese and our politicians destroy the place. Back then it was ALL conservative too. We are losing this fight bigly.


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