“He can run but he won’t be able to hide his record”

Say No To #JimCrowJoe! – Diamond And Silk

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  1. For what he did during the Nomination hearings for Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court that alone should disqualify him. And everything else he’s done since then is just just icing on the cake to disqualify him. The democraps can’t win the presidency with this bozo as their nominee to be President and they know it. God forbid he chooses the stupid lardass from Georgia as his VP or Retchen Gretchen from Wisconsin as well.

  2. Y’know, there was a lot of truth in what Biden said starting at :15 about how such kids would (did) grow up. The media will pretend he never said it, of course.

  3. I won’t vote for Joe,but let us keep our history straight. That 94 crime bill came about because it was the black community raising hell because regular hard working folks were afraid in their own neighborhoods. They were screaming because they said white folks didn’t care about the black neighborhoods. It was in response to this that President Clinton promised to put 100,00 cops on the street and then this bill was created.

  4. But some of the sentences handed down to them (also to poor whites and hispanics) were excessive. That point, I can understand.
    Dems automatically threw money and jail terms at the problems. But strangely, they pretend the criminals that they catch now the ‘victims’. And the money still flows out to the troubled cities like water. lol.

    And the same communities complaining about crime (back then and now)
    have political ‘black leaders’ who do nothing but take taxpayer cash that the Feds send them, for themselves, and then dole out the rest in
    welfare votes.

    And some of those complainers, well, they will still vote for the same idiots no matter what. So it never changes.

  5. AHAHAHA – “We have predators on our streets” – at about 1 minute in. Seen a mirror lately Joe?

  6. Just read an excellent piece this morning about why Susan Rice may be Biden’s veep pick. I’ll link it below.

    What Biden says now versus what he said or did then — and this can be said of ALL Democrat pols and voters, as well as RINO’s — all comes down to pure political calculus. Instead of trying to catch them out with their own hypocrisy, it’s far easier to keep the fact of their political calculus uppermost in our minds because they DO NOT CARE (nor do they worry) about what they said or did then and what they say or do now. They simply don’t care. Oblowme covered his tracks by using the utility word, “evolved.”

    “How Susan Rice’s Role in the Rwandan Genocide Predicted Obamagate

    A woman who can turn her back on genocide would hardly blink at spying on Republicans.”


  7. @AA “… They simply don’t care… ” is the same as saying “They have no shame”.

    Demonrats HAVE NO SHAME!. That’s how they can rationalize sociopathic behavior in their power-hungry addled minds.


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