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He Got Off Easy.

WaEx: A man in Ohio accused of murdering a 29-year-old mother and tossing her still-breathing toddler into a river was attacked in court Thursday by the boy’s father.

Antonio Hughes attacked Desean Brown during a procedural hearing and struck the alleged murderer in the head and neck repeatedly, according to a report.

Hughes was handcuffed following the incident but attempted to lunge at Brown, according to viral footage of the incident posted to social media. more
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  1. This sick fuck apparently confessed that he murdered them both because she miscarried HIS child. This hearing was about him trying to recant the confession, but its still a no-doubter.

    He threw the child in the river. The body has yet to be found.

    …sadly, this varies only by degree from other such stories I have heard of and been invited to participate in, and should be viewed as a cautionary tale for both young single mothers looking to get their itch scratched and for grandparents of the children of same.

    Some guys resent the children of other men. The potential for abuse is WAY high, and sometimes to the point of murder as happened here. As I heard it put by one asshole pile of shit that it was my misfortune to have to treat because the cops inconsiderately didn’t hit him hard enough to kill him once told me, “I don’t wanna have to deal with another man’s fuck.”

    That was how he saw his girlfriend’s child.

    As another man’s fuck.

    …hopefully, he got another man’s fuck HIMSELF after leaving the hospital. All I can say for sure without getting into details is that his bandaging and ambulance ride wasn’t nearly as pleasant as it could have been, and leave it at that.

    …if you want to really know what a sick fuck this PARTICULAR guy is, and have a strong stomach, here’s the short version.

    …stupid asshole got caught out ordering a body bag ONLINE, then using an Uber to drop the body off on a public street.

    …MJA is right. He deserves MUCH more than he got here. Shame the guy didn’t bust his artery hitting the side of his head like that. Too bad the cops couldn’t “accidentally” shoot him. That’s why I’d be a terrible cop, I would have.

    I need to stop. This just gets worse.

    But maybe him being raped to death in prison and drowning in some bull’s semen isn’t too much to hope for.

  2. We should have a law that allows for a legal “justified ass whopping”. This would be one such case.

  3. pbunyan
    JUNE 24, 2022 AT 3:49 PM
    “We should have a law that allows for a legal “justified ass whopping”. This would be one such case.”

    …they’re only charging him with Contempt of Court.

    No jury in the WORLD would convict him of anything else.

    I surely wouldn’t.

  4. Court room cops should have taken their time in pulling the father off of the murderer; he didn’t have a chance to get nearly enough punches in.

    And that female cop was only good for radioing for back up.

  5. Tony R
    JUNE 24, 2022 AT 4:52 PM

    “And that female cop was only good for radioing for back up.”

    …I noticed that too. But she did do it very calmly and clearly. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t transfer to the SO from the communications center.

    The HamCo sheriff is a lesbian, pretty much her only qualification for the elected office, so she probably enjoys this video very much.

  6. The father that attacked that murdering scum is skinny, yet his rage couldn’t really be controlled by five officers. Though it was more like three police officers. The women officers were barely holding on. Sure, men and women are physically equal…sure.

  7. A shard of plastic sneaks right by the metal detectors in court.

    You wear it around your neck for easy, unobtrusive access.

    Wait….wait…I know this crowd. I have to explain in tedious detail and use annotations.

    You can buy a plastic “letter opener”. It passes through metal detectors. You use it only for stabbing, not slashing, as it only has a point and no edges. They look like this.

    The goal is to puncture an artery so the victim bleeds out before help arrives. Major organs are cool too. This is assuming you have zero knowledge of the human body. Study an anatomy chart. Maybe the victim will be facing you and you can turn his TV off in one shot.

    Or, save 12 bucks and use a dirty shard of plastic.

    BONUS TIP. Crap on that plastic first. Why do all the heavy lifting? Let sepsis and other hostile micro organisms do the work for you.

    Option B. Plastic guitar or bass string. This is used with two wooden dowels to create a garrote. Just wrap around the victims neck and hold on. No possible way for the bailiffs to separate you two until you’re done.

    Option C. Pay someone else already incarcerated to the job for you.

    Option Burr. Kill everyone in the victims family. All acquaintances and his lawyer……..then pay someone to whack him in jail.

  8. El Magnifico, libertado de Sonora, flagelo del diablo
    JUNE 24, 2022 AT 9:46 PM

    …I like the way you think, Mr. Burr, but there are some even less, ah, “premeditated-looking” objects available for consideration.

    For example, who doesn’t have access to a humble pencil? Something no one would look at twice even in a search, but can be all KINDS of stabby. Also, with a bit of practice, some degree of precision is possible. Consider if he came up just as he did here, but instead of rabbit punching his ear hoping to pop an artery, he were to ram a pencil honed to a fine point in an eye or ear? He had plenty of time and access, and its a done deal even if Dr. Kildare is on the jury complete with bag.

    Plus, you retain the “spontaneity” argument for your own freedom. Blind range, you happened to feel a pencil in your pocket, you swing, its there, shit happens, nicht wahr? Perp is done and you sail because everyone on a jury can empathize with your anger and you didn’t give them a reason to believe you planned anything, gnome sane?

    You have that knife-lookin thang on a lanyard (who wears a “letter opener” as a necklace?) or something you clearly purpose-built like a garrote (haven’t seen plastic strings since a ukulele I had when I was five), and it kinda looks like MAYBE you gave it some cold, hard thought beforehand.

    ..that said, there’s a virture in just administering street juctice openly and brazenly and saying “FUCK YEAH I KILLED HIM! HE KILLLED MY BABY! I’D KILL HIS ASS A HUNDRED TIMES IF I COULD!”

    Might work for a jury nullification, but not advised if you have other kids and he has a posse that could attack THEM while you’re gambling on that jury a year or so from now.

    The “Kill Everybody” approach cancels that fear out, but kind of puts you on the same moral footing as him in that you’re whacking innocents, some who may even hate him, just to make a point. It’s a good point, true, but speaking of judgement, I hear God isn’t a fan of mudering bunches of people just because they’re related, although that may be because you’re encroaching on His turf. Jury sympathy may be low, again not an approach if you have family dependent on your income when you DO have other options. Plus, you have to research who his family is, where his lawyer lives, and use a ton of gas going all over so you can line the stars up juuuust right so you can get everyone within a couple hours, because more and they’ll probably get wise and be waiting for you at your last victim’s house.

    Just one more thought on methods, tho. I have bamboo growing behind my house. Your suggesting plastic pungee sticks makes me think you could make a DANDY kidney puncher out of that, and because of its hollow nature you could remove a PLUG from a very vascular organ very easily, like a kidney or liver. Messy, but effective, and a dandy warning to others…

  9. Shady….why you gotta’ complicate things? The whole point of premeditated slaughter is to send a message. Not even to the victim. It lets society know, you can’t kill innocents without incurring the wrath of GOD. Or…one of his duly appointed subordinates.

    But O.K. you want to get away with it for some reason. Not sure why….dude killed your wife an’ bebe…but whatever.

    Do it this way. Blackmail or extort a bailiff. When you go for your public revenge that fails, all eyes will be on you. Perfect distraction for the tainted bailiff to administrate a lethal injection of something.

    Swell. You got vengeance and can collect insurance and retire to Aruba.

    Me? Send me to jail for the rest of my life. Plenty of other scumbags to “adjudicate” in the slammer.

  10. You don’t think a pencil broken off in a guy’s eye socket sends a message? But it’s an even BETTER message if you get off scot-free, as that leaves you to be able to deal with OTHERS in his posse or family or whatevs at your leisure, and if you’re going to go around trying to find bailiffs you can bribe or extort, you’re going to need plenty of leisure to do just that.

    And again, its situational. If guy has OTHER kids, taking himself out of the support equation doesn’t help THEM at all.

    But you do you. Bear in mind tho, that those Marcos muslim hunters in the Phillipines aren’t going to arm and train themselves…

  11. You control the streets from the inside. Everybody knows that.

    But we’re different. You posses situational morality. I’m straight edge. You love life and want it to continue. I don’t give a fuck and will stab that Balrog with a shit smeared chunk of plastic in its face as we fall together into the deeps of Moria.

    You want to use a weapon. I AM A WEAPON.

    Meh. You can always shoot the guy when he gets out of jail. I mean right on the fuggin’ steps on the jail house. You can get away with it. Heck. Someone literally just did that in Chicago. They waited for their opps to get out of jail and clipped him from a car while he still had his paperwork in his hands. They got away.

    That…..that right there is hilarious. They made that guy sit for years in the can. Dreaming of freedom. Man. That last week must have been ecstasy for that dude. So close to getting back out on the streets..

    And then……..hahahahahahahahahaha.

  12. El Magnifico. Terror de los llanos
    JUNE 24, 2022 AT 11:18 PM

    “I don’t give a fuck and will stab that Balrog with a shit smeared chunk of plastic in its face as we fall together into the deeps of Moria.”

    …commendable, but one problem. Unless you’re a Maia, you only get rid of ONE Balrog that way.

    So Sauruman and Sauron now have nothing to worry about from the likes of you…

  13. Shady…you stay in your Hobbit hole. Some things simply cannot be borne. Sometimes you gotta Slim Pickens the nuke out of the bomb bay doors by hand and ride that sum’ bitch to glory.

    You can be as crafty as you want and slyly play the system to get what you want. Or….OR… you douse yourself with gasoline and run into a burning building.

    I’m ALWAYS gonna’ pick option B.

    On a completely unrelated topic it should be pointed out that by secretly returning to the US to collect mi familia and returning to Mesiko the same way it makes ESTABLISHING AN ALIBI much simpler.

    This is why non of you can be my ‘best crime partner’. If I have to explain the details of every con, sham, heist, put up job or straight up robbery at gunpoint I’d lose my mind. I already have an apprentice. I’m only schooling ONE. That’s the rule.

  14. HAA! Brad, he’s just trying to get a 1984 fuel injected Mesican Beetle across the border so he can tag it as a 1976 US fuel injected Beetle.

    Just kidding. Janet Reno would kill your ass for that shit…

  15. Brad, you should take on an apprentice. You’re no longer Conan the barbarian. At you’re age, you’re Conan the King. Wise and powerful ruler of your domain. Train up a lil’ nigga’to carry on the ways of Conan.

    I’m training my apprentice in the Art of Deception. The old skool’ American carny hustles. 10 count, 3 card monte, card scaling…all that. When we get to the level of the “Spanish Prisoner” my work will be done. Right now my apprentice is trying to fool me with a disappearing tic tac. So….this may take a while.

    Meanwhile, go watch the Steve Martin David Mamet production of the Spanish Prisoner. Excellent movie.

  16. “You’re no longer Conan the barbarian. At you’re age, you’re Conan the King.”

    Dang, you got that right. Leg day today. That tenth squat rep at 405 came up awfully slow.

  17. El Magnifico. salvia del saguaro
    JUNE 24, 2022 AT 11:51 PM

    “I’m training my apprentice…”

    …it was an intern in the Phillipines if I recall correctly. Can you have on apprentice and multiple interns, or are these people one and the same?

    We need a thread just on Burrology. You are certainly a study worth undertaking…

  18. Conan had more in bag of tricks than a leg press. There’s more to Brad than a swole muskul.

    Most of my lessons with my apprentice are about life experiences. Human psychology. It has more to do with exposing your apprentice to the possibilities and dangers life holds. Very little of it is practical demonstration. I show. Apprentice practices for a few days or weeks and then tries to duplicate the desired effect on me.

    I’m looking for metal acuity. I’m training up a real person. I’m just giving this select apprentice a mind expanding leg up on everyone else.

  19. I don’t think I’m apprentice material for you Burr, Shit I get up to fast and I gotta take a nap. Like right now. LOL

  20. El Magnifico terminology:

    Intern. disposable.

    Prospect. potentially profitable investment. still disposable.

    Apprentice. Keeper of the secret flame. Guardian of the Truth. The ONE worthy of passing down all your REAL secrets to.

    It’s a matter of time and effort, investment of knowledge.

    And SNS. You may wiggle your way free in a court of law. But the Lord can always see into your heart. My way is at least honest. Which is why it’s the greatest scam of all.

  21. @Burr El Magnifico. empresario de circo de pulgas¹
    If you can get your apprentice to be able to do this ONE thing, you’ve got a winner: Spot it when everybody is taking something for granted and are giving it no thought. They’ll have a blind spot you could drive a ’68 New Yorker through.

    1. In a manner akin to saying “What the fudge?” in Merkin English, we used to call each other in the Buenos Aires gang ¡Hijo de pulga! That’s à propos of nothing in particular, I just still get a grin about 60+ year ago kid crap like that. I was 11.

  22. Alford, this is me we’re talking about. My apprentice is dope. We’re hardly ever seen together. We never communicate by electronic devices. And I’ll skip the rest. No point in braggin’.

    But one thing we did do this week was go to a dollar store and pretend to shop. What we were really doing was tailing a shopper on the next aisle over. Eaves dropping on the convo. Then my apprentice had to repeat everything this person said and extrapolate as much factual evidence and long tested methods of guessing to create a profile. Then we wait for the shopper to appear in the parking lot and compare apprentice notes to reality.

    Scary how much people give away in casual conversation.

  23. Meh. Civilians go to bed early and sober.

    Meanwhile I’m enjoying this drink and will be 2nd dealing and scaling cards into a top hat across the room for the next 4 hours.

  24. Seems to be a predatory animal thing, killing the offspring of potential rivals.
    I thought they kept saying ‘evolution’ dictates our improvement as a species?


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