He Had A Right To A Free Public Education

Broward County school administrators admit now that the Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz,  was transferred numerous times between special schools then back to  a traditional school during his time in their system. Legally, they couldn’t expel him despite the numerous documented incidents of “profanity, disobedience, insubordination, and disruption.”

“Under federal law, Nikolas Cruz had a right to a “free and appropriate” education at a public school near him. His classmates had a right to an education free of fear.”






14 Comments on He Had A Right To A Free Public Education

  1. They couldn’t expel him because they made it policy not to have any Hispanic or Black students punished criminally when appropriate. Soft bigotry of low expectations and wanting to lower statistics for minority offenders. And you should lose your rights when you don’t conduct yourself appropriately.

  2. The School was PC shamed into making decisions that endangered all students. Too bad they made bad choices over guilt yelled at them from those who knew what was best for one student over the rest. The blood and guilt is on many hands, directly and indirectly, but narrow little minds won’t acknowledge it.

  3. His “rights” end where other’s rights begin. If he couldn’t function in civil society, he should have been removed. There are plenty of programs for at-risk delinquents. Did no one tough love this boy?

  4. Don’t forget, the Broward School District had it’s own police Department, answerable only to the district administration.

  5. He need it to be in a hospital for crazy or in jail a long time ago before this animal did this. But I blame the LIBS judges and the ACLU , parents FBI,

  6. Those self-same insane courts have ruled that illegal aliens also have a right to a free public education funded by your hard earned tax dollars!


    However, the district + bureaucracy would have taken 5 years to argue a conclusion. AND the district would have to PAY for the expense of keeping him locked up.

    So, essentially, it would have never happened, and he DOES have a right to public education b/c disabled people are now MAINSTREAMED instead of hidden away in expensive public schools for the disabled.

    Sorry, that how it works.

  8. Yep Jethro, a failure again. How the hell could anyone sit outside and listen to kids being shot and do nothing?

    I’m not a cop hater like the BLM, but I also think it’s crazy to think a cop is going to save you and not think a cop might be the one to freak and kill you.

  9. This has been going on in public schools for decades.
    I’ve seen it many times.
    Just two examples:
    A kid in my sons’ kindergarten class in 1995. A kid in the elementary school when my kids were in 2nd & 5th a kid stole a craft knife out of the art teacher’s room and they blamed the teacher. In high school it was worse. Way worse.
    Although the kids from the youth center (juvie jail) went to a separate building.

  10. The CURE for school THREATS (BEFORE they become shooters), is to publicly HORSEWHIP said student, on the school grounds, in front of ALL their classmates. Stripped naked, and lashed 39 times in front of EVERYONE.

    THAT’LL learn them little peckerheads a lesson they won’t EVER forget. 😡

    Oh – and if the weenie parents be-otch about it, you can horsewhip them in the town square, right beside Numbnut, Jr. And so can their ACLU lawyers. AND democrap CONgressman. 😡


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