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“He Has a Right To Be Here”

Grool sent this in–


A woman whose now three-year-old son was conceived in rape recently delivered an impassioned speech before the Iowa legislature to speak out against the “genocide of the innocent.”

Jennifer Christie-Brierly was attacked in a hotel room in 2014 and was raped during the assault. She refused to abort her child after learning that she was pregnant, and now speaks out on behalf of babies who are conceived in rape, as she stated on March 20, who are “targeted, it seems, for eradication.”

“This doesn’t make sense to me because the Supreme Court has already decided that for a rapist to be punished with death is considered cruel and unusual punishment, and yet somehow, somehow we are okay with killing the children who are not even in existence at the time the crime was committed,” Christie-Brierly lamented.

She said that she was told that if she obtained an abortion, she could better forget and move on. However, a woman never forgets, Christie-Brierly explained, and her son is a reminder that a human being should not be defined by how they were conceived.


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  1. Three is a lovely, fun, exciting age for a child. It is good the mother is happy.

    I wonder how she will feel, in a dozen years, if the father’s DNA begins to “bleed” through and he tortures kittens in the neighborhood, clutches dead rabbits to his genitals in school…. …..and, perhaps, rapes, himself. Or worse? ….Lady in Red

    PS: We breed dogs and cats and horses and pigs for characteristics we want and admire. Somehow, we forget that when it comes to people. Rapist DNA is not what I would want in a child of mine.

  2. Lady in Red,

    Ain’t a matter of WANT!

    Give her credit for the courage of her convictions. After having Easter dinner with relatives and looking at the DIFFERENCE in the offspring I would suggest that parenting has a bunch to do with it!

  3. @lir
    So murder the kid just in case? DNA is not the only factor involved in how people turn out. A loving parent raising a child with proper direction is a gigantic factor in how they turn out. Some bad parents have children turn out well as adults, and some great patents have kids that greatly fail as members of society. I don’t know if you have kids, but regardless of gene pool there are no guarantees.

  4. Nikolas Cruz was raised in a loving adopted home. Perhaps this woman will “win” and all will be well. I hope so.

    It is not a chance *I* would take (and I am not sure it is good for society, as a risk factor, either). That is all. ….Lady in Red

  5. Lady in Red is entitled to her opinion, and she has a very good point.

    It’s easy to talk about what you would do in a particular situation, another thing to actually do it.

    I wonder how many of the commenters here would feel about continuing the pregnancy if it was them, or their wife, mother, or daughter who was pregnant by the rapist.

    Not taking sides here, mind you, just reminding everyone that these issues can be very complex, depending (as the lawyers put it) on whose ox is being gored.

  6. Seeing brain scans of mass murderers, who were adoptees raised in normal homes, convinced me that there are definitely bad seeds. Lady in Red makes a great point.


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