He Just Can’t.

h/t Hu Flung Pu

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  1. I have the same problem, undiagnosed until I got measured for golf club fitting by my father-in-law.
    Played it up to hilt at the dinner table that night. Would you please pass the rolls. Would you please pass the butter. My tiny arms can’t reach anything.

    Of course my golf game sucks.

  2. “Makes it tough to masturbate, too. Or so a friend tells me.”

    Reminds me of a dinosaur some writer for NatLamp created decades ago.
    The Masturbatadon. Of course, it went extinct early on.

  3. Last week a truck bringing dinosaur bones to a museum flipped over on I-26 here in Tennessee it was a tyrannosaurus wreck

  4. Musta been a gummint worker – always “short-handed” – why they can’t get nuthin done.

    izlamo delenda est …

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