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He should just buy a Trans Am

Have you seen what male Japanese Puffer fish do to get noticed by female Puffer fish?

The word “unbelievable” was invented for such occasions.

ht/ b-i-l bill

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  1. That is just amazing! WTG little puffer fish! He’s adorables.
    Hope you find a good lady fish that will give birth to tons of pufferettes and puffersons. lol

  2. That is the coolest critter ever! Reminds me of the Bearded Manakins in Trinidad. They have a dance floor they clear for their performance to attract a female. I got to witness that first hand.


  3. Aw c’mon. What guy hasn’t nearly rubbed his pectoral fins off making patterns in the sand trying to attract a mate?
    Just admit it.

  4. I’m a pessimist I guess, I was expecting a different ending after all his hard work…..I pictured a Monty Python type demise of some sort.

    Nature never fails to impress and amaze me.

  5. So what we learned is that no matter where we are on the food chain,the female of the species is always attracted to shiny big things. So Darwin was an idiot, I guess

  6. @Truffles, you’re leaving out the one piece of information that everybody wants to know: Did it work?


  7. Vietvet. Let me guess. Truffels threw her date out of her yard, along with his backhoe, shovels, rakes, trowels, and whatever.

  8. Thought aliens created those underwater sand sculptures. Amazing. Horny little guy. He looks like sperm working his way to the center.

  9. I’ve been watching David Attenborough since I was a young child. All of his work is like this, and so I’ve spent the majority of my life saving to buy his films from the BBC. Pricey for my income, but worth every penny and infinitely re-watchable.
    Youtube has many clips from his films. I recommend all of them.
    For me, there’s nothing more pleasurable than drifting off to sleep watching such miracles. (Yes, I’m married.)

  10. What is equally amazing is that a female puffer fish know’s that a male puffer fish made that artwork to attract her.

  11. Tell me again how there is no God? That is nothing short of amazing and spectacular. If there is no God how would this mere fish create such an amazing geometrical pattern? It’s been happening for thousands of years. Tell me again that there is no God.

  12. @PHenry: That there is a God that made this fish that can create such a complex geometrical pattern is nothing short of amazing and spectacular. If there was nothing to create such a God, how could He exist? Tell me again that there is no God Creator.

    (Sorry – Devil makes me say this stuff.)


  13. @vietvet.
    I’m with you in that the essence of who created the creator argument is the conondrum of all time.
    I guess that’s where faith comes in and I don’t believe in blind faith. I’m not a particularly religious person either. But when you look at the totality of life forms on this planet and stuff like the pufferfish, it’s impossible for me to reach the conclusion that any of it is accidental. Habital planet not accidental. Random cells (which and of themselves are Miraculous) forming into humans, deer, bears, clams, eagles….not plausible without a designer.

    You had to go there. I’m no biologist nor a philosopher. I’m just a dude trying to understand my world.

  14. @PHenry: I hear ya. Like I said, I was just pullin’ yer chain a bit. Some questions are too deep to be answered by the puny mind of Man, I’m afraid.


  15. I’d like to see what other male puffer fish make. Are they all the same? Are they all unique? Does one design attract more females than another? Does his lease allow him to sublet his work?

  16. @sig94: A lot of that depends on which fish can get approval for their grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.


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