“He sought medical attention the next morning”


TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — Police say a man held another man at gunpoint, bound him to a chair and then told him he could choose between death in the desert or having a nail hammered through his genitals.

According to charging documents filed September 5, the assault occurred on August 30 in Salt Lake County.

Jason Dee Maughn got into a fight that night with a man who was living in the home with him, according to a statement of probable cause. During the argument, Maughn held a shotgun to the other man’s head and made him sit in a chair before handcuffing him to the arm rests.

Maughn then told the victim he could, “either be taken to the desert to be killed or Maughn could drive a nail into [victim’s] penis,” the document states.

The man also told the victim he would shoot him if he tried to fight back.

The victim chose the latter of the two options, and the PC statement indicates Maughn used a rusty hammer to drive a tool resembling an ice pick through the victim’s penis and into a board Maughn had placed under the victim.

Maughn then released the man, who sought medical attention the next morning.


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  1. PHenry. I’ve always thought that was one of the funniest lines on TV commercials
    Doc. I have a woody lasting more than four hours and I’ve been instructed to seek prompt medical attention.
    What do you want me to do about it? Talk to your wife.
    She won’t talk to me anymore. She says stay away. I can’t touch her. She says don’t even look at her.

  2. If I had a woody lasting more than four hours I would tell my doctor. And the nurse. and perfect strangers.
    Hell. I’d rent a billboard. Cock a doodle doooooo!

  3. …that’s nothing. There was this one guy in a shop who liked to rub his joint on moving drive belts. His MO was that he’d stay to “clean up” when everyone went to lunch, then take the guard off the sander’s V belt for a little rubbin’.

    On his last assignation, however, his lover betrayed him when, in a moment of carelessness, the belt got ahold of his scrote, ripped it open, snatched a testicle out and flung it across the room too quick to talk about.

    …and either he was a SUPER resilient fellow or his buds took long lunches, because he somhow located his wayward plum, put it back in his mangled sack, and used an industrial stapler to STAPLE IT SHUT. He then evidenly tidied the crime scene up, told his pals God knows what lies to explain his agony, and made an early exit to try to recover.

    …needless to say, his aplomb was not matched by his medical skills, and whether it was the initial injury with the frayed rubber belt, the unwashed nature of the industrial staples, or the fact he apparently didn’t even wipe the scraps off his roughly extracted huevo, he unsurprisingly got an amazing infection that led to his confession, exposure, ridicule, and termination from his doubtlessly grossed-out employer.

    And the worst part is, they couldn’t even save his boys. Although they were able to save his member, but I doubt that his long evenings with his future power tool paramour could ever be the same with him swinging silicon marbles over its humming motor instead of the genuine combine…

  4. “Did they keep the sander?”

    …don’t really know @grool, but keeping it with a commemorative plaque would have been nice. Although it may have been an “attractive nusiance”, too, since there’s always that ONE guy who thinks he can do it BETTER…


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