“Head” Mizzou Muckraker Visited the White House Prior To His Muckraking


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17 Comments on “Head” Mizzou Muckraker Visited the White House Prior To His Muckraking

  1. “Mizzou student body president Peyton Head”
    I was thinking similar. . . was Payton there to give, or receive, his last name? From Boathouse Barry.

  2. Just another brick in the wall of obama’s transformation (destruction) of the US.
    It warms my heart knowing he’ll have secret service and a BIG pension for the rest of his life and I have the honor to pay for it. (spit).

  3. I bet Obama’s paying all of these ridiculous protestors. Stirring up, so he can take over. Worthless losers, all.

  4. Expect this kind of shit to go exponential next year when the incompetent, lazy, vactioning, golfing, spending, partying, vindictive, arrogant, stumbling, sarcastic, narcissistic, thoroughly corrupt, stone-walling, out-of-touch, Gay-obsessed, dope-smoking, teleprompter reading Bullgarian-speaking, productivity-obstructing, monument-Barrycading, race, gender, class and religion-divisive, celebrity obsessed, selfie-posing, healthcare-destroying, economy-wrecking, lying, lawless phoney-baloney plastic banana Communist-Organizing, Manchurian SOB has nothing to lose and pulls out all the stops!

  5. Oh yeah, he’s the one who started the KKK on Campus scare yesterday (today?). He has since apologized for the lie, so, there will be no consequences. Just another lie on Obama’s behalf.

  6. Yeah. How many regular kids get a trip to the White House? Regular as- paying their way in school, hunkering down and learning all they can about their chosen major and doing the work?

    I was in college when Reagan was President.

    “President Reagan, my anatomy teacher said my figure drawings looked like the models’ skeleton were made out of butter! I’m oppressed!”

    Good grief.

  7. “His last name is ‘Head’ AND he’s gay?!?! GET HIM ON THE PHONE!”

    Barack Obama, upon hearing about Payton Head. (Snicker, snicker)

  8. Who didn’t see that coming? Next we will “learn” that the chancellor and president who stepped down will retire with 90% of their salary, take some government job or both. It is the same old script, an old fashioned power grab. The stupid shit never ends.

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