Head of Security At TSA Removed

Kelly Hoggan, Head of Security was relived of his position by TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger after the House Oversight Committee sharply criticized the agency.

The final straw was the long lines of passengers waiting up to three hours to be screened at O’Hara recently.

Then there’s the whole $90,000 in bonuses paid to Hoggan last year (on top of a reported $181,500 base) and accusations that the security chief punished whistle blowers.



Aviation security experts call the moves my Neffenger to address the long lines at O’Hare “cosmetic.”

15 Comments on Head of Security At TSA Removed

  1. Koskinen, Hoggan…is this going to be the Summer of White Fall Guys? So the Uniparty can look like it’s cleaning house before the elections?

  2. I’ll bet he was unqualified to begin with.
    It is rare when Politically connected hires get canned.
    He’s deserving. Incompetence runs rampant under obama.
    Mr. Hoggan, meet the obama bus from the under-side.

  3. This is pointless. The entire TSA needs to be shut down, rethought, and either scrapped or rebuilt from scratch.

  4. These fuckers get bonuses that are equal to half their salary? This is exactly the kind of shit that’s wrong with govt and I can’t wait for Trump to come in and clean this cesspool up. Hell…in the private sector, we’re only getting bonuses that are up to 10% of our salaries.

  5. Doing a bang-up job, TSA! And don’t give up – maybe in another few decades you will find a second shoe bomber…

  6. Watch where he lands …

    After Comey fixes the HRC deal and retires to a fat sinecure with Fannie Mae, Hoggan’ll prolly be appointed Director of the FBI.

    izlamo delenda est …

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