Headless body falls out of cannibal’s car after crash


A purported Russian cannibal and two other men were arrested after police discovered a decapitated body at the scene of a car crash.

The body fell out of the trunk of a Mitsubishi when it crashed into a highway fence on the side of a highway in the Leningrad region last week, according to a rough translation of a report by state news agency Tass.

Cops arrested three suspects — two of whom allegedly drunkenly murdered a man in a St. Petersburg garage, which they then set on fire, the wire service reported.

The suspects then fled the scene and crashed their car, but not before one of them reportedly engaged in cannibalism.

“I nibbled to just take a taste,” 23-year-old Yegor Komarov said in court, according to footage of the court hearing reported on by The Daily Beast.

“Are you ready to eat a human again?,” an interrogator reportedly asked.

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  1. I’ll beat every one to it, Tastes just like chicken. It’s occurred to me that if either one of these two clowns were biting their toe nails, and accidentally got some flesh, they could consume themselves before they realized what was going on.

  2. Everybody who drives, or crashes a Mitsubishi, should be arrested for cannibalism. It’s only fucking proper police procedure.

  3. Nah, it’s supposed to taste like veal. The best cut is a rump roast, and children are most tender. At least according to a documentary I saw. Bon apateetie.

  4. “How many dicks did you eat, today?”

    “I drive a Mitsubishi!”

    “You going to jail, bitch-ass muffukka!”

  5. “Nah, it’s supposed to taste like veal. The best cut is a rump roast, and children are most tender. At least according to a documentary I saw. Bon apateetie.”

    Albert Fish?

  6. He was in a hurry to get home, because cannibals can’t eat after dark.

    Here’s why.

    …one day, two cannibal tribes that ate each other ceremonially, as a form of victory celebration, fought longer than ususal, and the sun was fading rapidly when one tribe broke and ran, leaving their dead behind. The cooks parted and roasted the dead warriors, bringing the choicest cut of the fattest man, a forearm complete with wrist and hand, wrapped in banana leaves and done to a turn, with great jubilation to their chief so he could take the first bite and start the feast. By then, the cooking fire had died down, leaving only a dull reddish glow over the hungry warriors and their umber meats.

    Famished by the fighting and the long delay, the chief snatched the arm and bit into it hungrily, biting down on sinew and tendons.

    …this caused the hand, which was unfortunately carelessly placed, to close over the chief’s face with a SNAP, with two of the toasted fingers burrowing into his eye sockets, forever blinding him.

    And that’s why cannibals won’t eat after dark.

    Because they can’t see the hand in front of their face.

  7. AC, you must have European ancestry.
    That is what by Grandparents & Father used to say when every once in a while at Gramp’s House he would drop a Spiced & Broiled Sheep’s Head right on the Table!

    I have done It with Hog’s Head. The Cheek is Awesome!

  8. AC
    NOVEMBER 29, 2021 AT 9:06 AM
    “The head is the best part.”

    You said it! I like ’em phat and purple, with my own poop smeared on…oh, wait, you mean the TOP head.

    Never mind…

  9. “Headless body falls out of cannibal’s car after crash”

    What’s its name? It’s a PERFECT 81,000,001st voter for Biden! No head, all dead! We’ll register him as one of ours right away!

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