Healthcare Insurance Expert C. Steven Tucker Predicted a Decade Ago What the H.H.S. is Now Finally Admitting – IOTW Report

Healthcare Insurance Expert C. Steven Tucker Predicted a Decade Ago What the H.H.S. is Now Finally Admitting

H.H.S. releases a new report on the efficacy of the A.C.A. (Affordable Care Act – “Obamacare”), revealing precisely what I predicted would incur upon implementation a decade ago.
There has been virtually no change in private health insurance coverage because of the ACA, other than the loss of more than 168 health insurers in America since 2013 (which is not mentioned).
The net gain in health coverage because of the ACA is almost entirely due to an increase in Medicaid enrollment.
A sizable percentage of the new Medicaid recipients are not actually eligible for Medicaid.
The cost of the ACA is far higher than was projected by ‘experts’. – C. Steven Tucker

Dec 1, 2011-

PPACA has already increased health insurance premiums and eliminated insurance carriers.

Dec 12, 2012-

‘Affordable health insurance for all’ means Welfare for 17 million more Americans.

To all voters who moved ‘Forward’ with Barack Obama in this last election cycle. I know the President promised that his health care law would guarantee ‘Affordable Health Insurance” for every American. The truth is, your President lied to you. According to the CBO, his health care law will leave 27 million of you UNINSURED after it’s full implementation. Worse yet, according to the CBO his health care law will place 16 to 17 million of you on a Government WELFARE program known as Medicaid. It is important to understand that Medicaid is nothing like private health insurance. Medicaid does not pay medical providers on time. And, when it does it pay – often many months later – it pays a small fraction of what private health insurance pays.

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  1. Many years ago I was unemployed with ZERO income.
    I looked at signing up and the CHEAPEST was going to cost me $475 a month, $5700 a year…AT NO INCOME!

    A F F O R D A B L E . . .


  2. Why do you think the left wants single payer (government) health care? “Get the shot or have no health care, peons!”

  3. Vermont tried their own version of universal health care and within 2 yrs were broke so they ended it.
    Even that commie state knows this crap doesn’t work.
    Someone ought to tell Bernie. You can find him at one of his 3 big houses.

  4. My young family member who loved Obama and supported the ACA as necessary was in every way qualified to use it but when he found out it would cut into his beer and pot money decided to continue to be uninsured!
    Guess he was thinking, if it ain’t free it’s not ft me!

  5. Please give proper thanks to Senator John S. McCain after reading this article.
    If I could set up concession stand—and it would be a beautiful stand, one of the finest anywhere—and charge $1 a shot to piss on McCain’s grave I’d make another million or two in less than a month—guaranteed.

  6. Anyone that’s paying attention will agree that we have government run healthcare right now.
    Consider all the lies, obfuscations, tyranny, lies, fraud, overspending, lies, and more lies perpetrated on the American people in the past 18 months, and you will get a great big mouthfull of what government run healthcare would/will be.
    Up in Canuckistan, for instance, any in the government run HC system is faced with firing if they so much as utter the words “Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, or Inhaled Hydrogen Peroxide”.
    Previews of things to come here unless things change, and change quickly.


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