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‘Healthy at any weight is an unchallenged lie’

American Thinker:

My apolitical daughter said, “Mom, did you see the new Bill Maher about people being fat?”  She was thrilled about it because it told the truth about obesity.

The dangerous and latest “woke” trend is to glamorize obesity and shame people for trying to lose weight or be fit.  I watched the video, and she’s right.  Maher is straightforward about the extreme anti-science trend embodied in a movement that pretends that deeply unhealthy lifestyles are something to be celebrated.

Maher still lays claim to being a leftist, and on certain issues, I’m sure he is.  For example, I know that if I asked him, he’d say it’s time for America to have socialized medicine.  I wouldn’t be surprised, either, to learn that he supports government unions.  And I’m sure he hates Trump with a passion.

The problem for Maher, though, is that he’s intelligent, he’s observant, he remembers life before the turn of the century, and he is beginning to recognize that America is at a tipping point.  If we go any farther in the direction of the woke dictatorship, our country will collapse. more here

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  1. Just like watching pornography and masturbating gives people the feeling of having sexual relations without putting in the effort to find a mate, so does the “Healthy At Any Weight” movement give the morbidity obese the feeling of being healthy without putting in the effort to actually become healthy.

  2. It started with pop culture deciding fat azzes were sexy.
    Then moved to just fat.
    There are fat mannequins in stores.

    When the cardiologist says you’re too fat, your heart attack dictates you lose weight are you going to argue?

    When you need a transplant or want to be a donor and you get denied for a bmi over 37 are you going sue for discrimination?

    There’s some morbidly obese woman demanding larger airline seats. So everyone else would have to pay more because of fewer seats on aircraft.

    The parents make excuses for their kids who stare at game systems all day then the kids grow up making excuses.

    Just like changing word definitions. Saying fat is healthy or sexy is the same.

  3. As someone who has struggled with my weight for my whole life, I am sure glad this new “go for it, fatso” attitude appeared now when I am in my older & wiser years. This would have been devastating as a teenager to hear.
    In the 1970’s, I heard, and saw, all the messages that thin was it. I never, ever got to wear a pair of designer jeans, because they didn’t come in chubby sizes.
    I survived the fat years. I learned discipline and self-control. Most importantly, I learned not to be swayed by what others thought, felt, or said about me.

  4. Badco — But the lowly snake is a major social persuader to the Left. They don’t think they’re own thoughts; they look to people like Maher before they know what to think. So, it’s a good thing for now.

    I did some research about 30 years ago on the increasing amounts of sugar added to processed foods. Since WWII — about the last time we all ate mostly unprocessed food and were a much thinner and healthier population — the average American (at that time, 30 years ago) was consuming about 40 pounds of “unseen” sugar each year. I was doing the research because I suffered a health malady that was only curable by not eating any sort of sugar (lactose, fructose, glucose, etc, as well as foods that quickly broke down into sugars in digestion). Geoff C. and I read all the labels at the grocery store in pursuit of ready-made foods that had no sugar. All of them failed. I had only followed a sugar-free diet for about six weeks before it completely cured by years-long health issue, AND I dropped weight like nobody’s business. And I wasn’t starving, either. I could eat as much as I wanted as long as it didn’t have any sugar in it or broke down to sugar. Granted, it boils down to meat/fish and veggies (except roots, green peas, and onions).

    All to say: It’s hard, but not impossible, to eat healthy and to not be overweight — even without exercise. It’s just a matter of understanding what nutrition is and taking the time to change eating habits. I would posit that it’s because of excess weight that people give up on exercise altogether. It’s hard to be fit when you’re fat. That’s an oxymoron.

  5. They want you to die. That’s what everything they do boils down to. They know that being fat is not healthy. Everybody has noticed that doctors no longer push a healthy diet, exercise, and sunshine to anybody anymore because they’ve been busted down to being legal drug pushers.


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