Heartbreak on Capitol Hill as Democrats Come to a Realization About Jan. 6 Committee – IOTW Report

Heartbreak on Capitol Hill as Democrats Come to a Realization About Jan. 6 Committee

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[…] as we draw closer to the 2022 midterm elections, Democrats are coming to some sobering (for them) conclusions about the January 6th Committee and, fittingly enough, on how the leaks that are coming out of it are impacting voter perceptions, especially at a time when voters are “distracted by inflation, Ukraine and the lingering coronavirus pandemic” More

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  1. The Heartbreak is the amount of innocent people that have had their lives ruined in an effort to pin something on MAGA people and DJT himself. This is no worse than what China does to it’s people and there’s a whole herd of assholes that need to be held accountable.

  2. I see that pic of Schmucky, Joe & Vodka Skeletor & all I hear is the Three Stooges ‘Three Blind Mice’ theme song

  3. The Leftist Commies have no concept of the individual and individual sovereignty. They lump things into ideals and that’s why they go on about “nuance”. Nuance my big, fat….!

    Leftists destroy the spirit if you let them.

  4. Step back and take another look: traitors, fascists and their moronic useful idiots are controlling our country.

  5. It’s not just Trump they’ve been screwing with, it’s a majority of the American people and we are sick of it. Biden has proven he’s no leader just a senile corrupt carrier politician. It’s time for the liberal titanic to sink into oblivion.

  6. Truth to what Brad said. We’re never going to vote our way out, hell 90%+ or more of GOP in DC hate us and are only in it for themselves. Even if they start out being good guys/gals it doesn’t take most of them but a year until they’re part of the in-crowd.

    Then there are all of those who were never elected to any office that run our government.

    We must fight one way or the other to dismantle government. I’m not sure how you do it, with force or some other method, but nothing will ever change until we figure out how to do it.

    Even if I trusted our elections, I’d still say it because I’ve been voting since I was 18 and I’ve only watched DC become more and more of a swamp. I’ve been burned more times than I can count on those who talked the talk to get elected that first time, but failed to walk the talk once elected and then it’s nearly impossible to get them out until they choose to get out.

    Until the Trump impeachment hearings I never realized the depths of the idiots in government who that not only have been there almost all of their adult lives but are also second, third generation government swamp.

  7. ORWW

    “Then there are all of those who were never elected to any office that run our government. ”

    And that’s are real problem. We need to start shooting them so they understand. LOL. This ain’t fucking China assholes.

  8. Brad, I’ve known for years the alphabet groups were a huge problem, I just didn’t realize how many of them were not only lifers, but generational lifers.
    I honestly can’t think of one alphabet group we need.

    As for it being China, it’s getting pretty damn close. How freaking stupid can a country be to allow foreigners to buy up land, businesses and minerals?

  9. So the Dems are disappointed the Jan 6 committee isn’t getting great poll numbers. That’s not the point of the exercise.

    Jan 6 was a setup by the deep state to disenfranchise populist conservatism once and for all. They are establishing the evidentiary foundation to invoke Sections 2 and 3 of the 14th Amendment. If an election is held in November, it will be of the Venezuelan variety — that’s the plan, anyway.

    Biden’s Ministry of Truth will also be putting together a list of seditionists to be cancelled, jailed and disenfranchised.

    To hedge their bets, they are outing the two-faced weasels that make up the Republican leadership in Washington DC and in each state. This is to let us know that even if we win the election, we have lost, so why even try?

    Will Elon save us? The man whose business model is based on heavy subsidies? The man who is completely compromised by the CCP?

    This is all kabuki.

  10. Nobody got their home nor small business burned down or looted by the 1/6 protestors, you deep state cunts. So, of course, they don’t give a fuck about your pathetic, “Muh InserreKKKshun!!!” hyperventilating bullshit. You opened the fucking doors and invited these people in you assholes. It’s on video. Everyone has seen it.

  11. It seems like all that gets done in D.C. is Dems drop subpoenas and hold investigative committees , and Repubs talk shit and write fiery letters .

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