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Wesley and Mary Landers drove 400 miles from Alabama to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for treatment of their 7-month-old.


The baby’s fine; the parents, not so much.


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  1. This is a local story to me.I personally know the doctor who developed this specialized operation at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It is the saddest thing I’ve heard of in a long time.

    People are upset that the father had a (gasp) GUN in his pocket.After all, the hospital had NO GUNS signs posted. How could that happen? He was also not allowed to have guns because of a previous conviction.

    I know where Children’s Hospital is located, and I would not go to that neighborhood without a gun.

    The addicts are shooting up heroin at higher doses and with more frequency because they’ve been told that first responders all carry Narcan now to save them, so they feel its safer. Idiots.
    Let them die.

  2. Sad. Goes to show that some people carry a secret even those closest would never suspect. Pity a kid lost his mom, and the parents were only putting on a show

  3. Oh wow man! Like, doesn’t this totally show why drugs should be legal?
    I mean, like, you know, they were in a hospital.
    There must have been a doctor that wasn’t high to take care of them. But, like, they had to hide it and die!
    What a bummer, man!
    The system was willing to pay untold amounts for their kid but wouldn’t let them openly shoot up.
    I mean, like, you know, there must be some big word to describe how this is wrong.

  4. I wonder if this was another case of the parents turning to heroin because they couldn’t get a scrip for hydrocodone.

  5. It sounds like their local dealer steps all over his sh!t, so when they scored some in the big city, they weren’t ready for the ride.

  6. Heroin is more available at a higher strength than years before.
    Open borders is not just about illegal immigrants, it’s also an open freeway of potent illegal drugs.

  7. We all handle our pain in different ways.

    It is sad that they embraced Evil, rather than looking towards the Light of the World for solace.

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