Heckler Interrupts Biden’s Book Tour, Accuses Him Of Molesting Children

Oh, Dear.

Daily Caller; A heckler accused Joe Biden of molesting children while the former vice president spoke in Wilmington, Delaware, during his book tour on Sunday.

“What about the girls you molested on C-SPAN at the Senate swearing-in?”  MORE


17 Comments on Heckler Interrupts Biden’s Book Tour, Accuses Him Of Molesting Children

  1. Now that’s a “big fucking deal” And Joe would like to put that muddafukker “back in chains.” LOL

    Watch the way Jeff Sessions whisked his little grand daughter away from Joe in a swearing in ceremony. There is a video. They knew.
    Rest assured the swampers know that Joe is a little touched.

  2. Yep, that’ll happen when Obama “quietly” meets with you. Heads up, Bernie and Pocahontas. Deval, that’s one down, two to go.

  3. If ever there was a case for a minimal IQ standard to qualify for Public office, Joe Biden is it. Makes Maxine Waters look like a MENSA member.

  4. I don’t advocate taking the low road o things, but it does seem like it is time to take the gloves off. Over and over the MSM is lying, omitting and skewering the truth in order to go after Trump. The Democrats have questioned every part of his character (some of it is of course fair game) but they shudder at the thought of questioning their people and the MSM throws political softballs all day long.

    Trump is winning, like he said he would, and it’s time to spend some political capital. People need to step up and make the Democrats cringe when they think of the upcoming midterm elections. We need to turn the Blue Wave into the Blue Flush (as in toilet).

    Call out Biden on his creepiness, Bernie on his wife, Hamala Harris on sleeping her way into power, Corey Booker on T-Bone, Howard Schultz for turning Starbucks into a shooting gallery etc…..

  5. It’s Kamala, but I do like Hamala (not sure how well that would play to her future Muslim base).

  6. Joe’s not a bad person. He jes’ likes to touch sof’ things, like the hair of little girls.

    The way to stop Joe from getting into trouble is to give him a fresh mouse every day to pet, like George did for Lennie

  7. There is more Russian collusion with Joe Biden getting his son Hunter a job on the board of one of their gas companies after he got kicked out of the Navy for cocaine than anything Manafort did.

    Not to mention good ole Hunter divorcing his wife so he could screw his dead brother’s wife.

    Biden family values.

    Now let’s get those female Secret Service agents forced to watch him skinny dip an interview.

  8. So that’s what happened to Pinkie of Pinkie and the Brain, poor Pinkie was around crazy Uncle Joey too much. Better watch out Mickey and Mighty Mouse and Pixie and Dixie and Jerry mouse you’re next. “Which way did they go George?”

  9. What?

    their was skwirls …… red skwirls, blue skwirls, pink skwirellls and uhh ahnd uhh ice cream?

  10. @ ChristianPDX – EFF the high road I am prepared to get in the gutter with them.

    It’s what THEY understand.

    The guy that posted that vid is courageous and in the gutter with Creepoand having to deal with that enabling shrieking vileness in the backround.

    EFF Uncle Joe the Creep and his supporters.


  11. @ghost – I (mostly) love Thomas Wictor. This was a perfect take-down of this leftist hag. That is how you do it. They are so used to getting their way – and we have always been too polite to counter in kind. Those days are gone. Thank you, President Trump.


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