Heitkamp (D) slams Clinton call to abandon civility with GOP


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s incendiary suggestion this week that liberals “cannot be civil” with Republicans any longer is unproductive and simply “ridiculous,” a top Democratic senator said Wednesday.

The stark repudiation of Clinton’s comments by Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., a vulnerable red-state Democrat seeking re-election this year, comes as Republicans have lined up in recent days to criticize Democrats’ fiery rhetoric amid the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. more here


15 Comments on Heitkamp (D) slams Clinton call to abandon civility with GOP

  1. I like the Democrats whipping their minions into a frenzy. Sure, someone will probably get hurt as a result. However, we will be provided with more evidence and media highlights of deranged liberal activism.

    The more the Democrats live up to their mob title, the more people will reject the party.

    So granny’s words of wisdom are welcome to me.

  2. Like Helga Meinkampf, I turn off the sound when Hillary is on tv and watch the body language.

    It tells me that she’s wearing a back brace, has Parkinson’s and would likely die if she tried weeding a garden for 15 minutes.

  3. Look for Heidi to show in in Fort Marcy park with a strangely-angled bullet hole in her head and a a relic 1925 pocket revolver nearby

  4. As Secretary of State Hilliary must have been thinking along these same lines when she represented the US. And her boss Obama must have agreed with her. No wonder they didn’t make out so well in bring peace to the world…

  5. Thank God for President Trump.
    Imagine how insane life would be if clinton had gotten the chance to continue the Usurper’s agenda!!

    Get on with it and jail her!

  6. In the past, when Democrats were losing, the reason stated was always “we didn’t get our message out.” This has turned into “we didn’t bash enough skulls and scream loud enough.”

  7. I think the left is about finished, well getting close anyway. The only ammo they have left is to shit in their hands and fling it.

  8. She’s toast, and she knows it.

    Pollsters are predicting Republicans will hold the House, and likely gain 4 seats in the Senate.

  9. Does referring to this lame duck walking as a “top Democratic senator” count as a campaign contribution?

  10. It is amusing to watch the Dems who are not running throw bombs which the actual candidates are desperately trying to catch(Holder, Clinton) or talk about themselves(Obama). Heitkamp must be tired of picking shrapnel out of her ass.

    It’s about time for Biden to stick his foot in his mouth, isn’t it? Incoming, Heidi!

  11. Civility? LOL

    She attacks her opponent with the biggest load of shit you can imagine. I’m in SD and see some of her commercials aired on hulu. Insults a persons intelligence.


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