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Helen Reddy Taken To That Mansion In the Sky


 Australian singer-songwriter, feminist icon and TV personality Helen Reddy has died at age 78, her family announced.

Reddy was diagnosed with dementia in 2015. Her final years were spent being cared for at the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s Samuel Goldwyn Center for Behavioral Health in Woodland Hills. More

Reddy on “The Midnight Special.” Watch

14 Comments on Helen Reddy Taken To That Mansion In the Sky

  1. 😣sorry to hear this..great singer, now I really feel old.

  2. She caused lots of women join the feminist movement and she caused Mac Davis join the me too movement!

  3. …I knew of her, but I’m a guy, so not really a fan. Didn’t know she was still alive, truth be told. R.I.P., I guess, somebody loved her, may they find peace in her passing.

    Can’t say more, got a funeral to go to myself. Say a prayer for all who mourn today, this was the death of an adult child, no parent should ever have to bury their own progeny.

  4. Wonder if they’ll bury her in a red dress?

  5. I never thought her voice was very good. Her song “Ruby Red Dress” was an irritant to me when I kept hearing it on the car radio.

    But, RIP anyway.

  6. about the time Helen hit the air my mom found herself single, with 4 kids and a High School education. Hearing her songs on the car radio now and again gave my mom a charge. drama, drama, drama, my mom worked and went to collage and we had a happy ending.

    May Helen Reddy RIP.

  7. In 1972, my parents were FAR to relaxed about the TV shows I watched. One day I sat in front of the Booby-Tooby watching Helen Reddy and Jill St. John “moderate” the presentation of the Demoncratic National Convention for one of the networks. Their schtick was to convince Republicunts to donate to the commie McGovern’s campaign.

  8. Iron Man- you’re terrible. And so am I because I blew coffee out of my nose laughing.


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