Hello, Police? I Want To Report My Feelings Being Assaulted

“Karen” notices a Freedom rally in Olympia, Washington and takes it upon herself to call the police (whom she wants to ‘defund’) to complain that she is “surrounded by White Supremacists”.

When the police won’t shut the rally down she literally loses what’s left of her little mind. Leftism is a mental disorder.


Sincerely, C. Steven Tucker 

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  1. Just an observation, those wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a mask are pretty difficult to identify.

    Something to consider if you are taking place in any kind of controversial and confrontational situation.

  2. Screeching white trash vegetarian! All this because she couldn’t just drive by and ignore them. She had to drive by several times and then park, get out and make a scene. Where the hell is the straight jacket? Why didn’t the crowd break her windows, kick her car, set it on fire and then kick her lilly-white ass?? Never again should anyone take these asshole BLM protesters seriously!!

  3. Snowflake Karen filed a false police report. The video clearly shows that the guy did NOT spit at her. He yelled “loser”. He should be able to get the judge to see his side of the story based on the video evidence. I’d take her to small claims court just to rub it in.

  4. Well, I do think sending a social working psychiatrist would be better than sending the police in this case.

    Maybe they should be equipped with tranq darts for people like her.

  5. “she’s kinda cute”

    That’s superficial but the ugliness of her spirit and her public school systemic intolerance goes all the way to the bone.

  6. A comment at YouTube wondered what her reaction would be to the knowledge she’s driving Hitler’s People’s Car? Folks Wagon.

    Literally a Nazi car.

    I would love to see her face as that realization dawned on her.

    P.S. You can always tell when a car is owned by someone like her. All that cutesy crap on the dash. Surprised the back of the car wasn’t plastered with stickers. Another sign of the demented left is to announce every virtue they wish to project like it makes some kind of difference.

  7. If(when) the 4th Turning goes critical, she and many millions like her will be gone in the first die off. But for the present, man-o-man what kind of life is she living?

  8. Living proof that all conservative women are hot!
    She calls the cops and then starts crying. Holy crap a lost generation.

  9. If she had an older VW bus like I did back in the 70’s with a gas gauge that didn’t work she’d be in trouble. I knew when I reached 200 miles on my odometer that it was time to get gas or else. I ran out of gas outside of Pendleton, Oregon once and had to hoof it a few miles to get some gas in a gas can on a hot August day. But fortunately back then when gas was cheap at maybe a quarter for a gallon of gas I could fill it up for $2.50 for regular gas which was good since I didn’t have enough money to get back to Spokane and had to borrow some money from relatives in the Wallowa valley who I stopped by to see to get the rest of the way home. Of course minimum wage then was a $1.60 an hr.

  10. geoff the aardvark,

    “But fortunately back then when gas was cheap at maybe a quarter for a gallon of gas…”

    Remember gas wars?? OMG I could almost fill my tank with a week’s worth of lunch money and ‘scoop the loop’ all week! We had a little Citgo station a couple blocks from the house. Fill up and you get a glass for Mom! Good old days…

  11. Definitely should have been detained for a 72 hour psych evaluation. It’s a danger to itself and others.
    Hope to god it’s anti gun.

  12. At my dad’s Shell station we used to give away glasses including Seahawks glasses when the the Seahawks first started playing back in the late 70’s for filling up with 10 gallons or more of gas. My brother found a couple of those old Seahawk glasses a couple of years in my parents stuff after they died, they are quite collectable now.

  13. I see Nazis everywhere trying to control other people’s lives, oddly they call themselves “liberals”.
    OT- My first job was at McDonald’s, I made $1.60 an hour, after 6 months I got a nickel raise, woohoo.

  14. I very disappointed in IOTW. A video this good and this long should have come with a popcorn warning, You know, “This video is so good it requires an extra large bag of popcorn”.

  15. I had a Union job working as a janitor for Meier & Frank in Lloyd Center in Portland paying $2.71 an hr. when I lived in Portland for a year in 1971-72 before I joined the Navy. I made $250 a month when I first joined the Navy in 1972.

  16. I’d love to have watched this but at 37 minutes my limited attention span won’t let me….. 🙂

  17. You know she’s batshit crazy because;
    Drives a VW bug as others have stated.
    Hair in a ponytail down to her ass. Flat I might add.
    Her little friends covering the dashboard.
    Corduroy slacks? In July?
    All the female curves of an average 10 yo boy.
    And the No.1 tip off, Birkenstocks! Jeez people, if you are sane and you own a pair of them, burn them. Now. This minute.

  18. All with a smile from a nerd kid (me and my 3 brothers) wearing a fake brown clip on bow tie who also checked your oil and cleaned your windows every time you came in to gas up. Do you know how hard it is to clean windows when one of our regular customers who was a fat guy with an enormous beer gut and smoked like a chimney and we cleaned his windows inside and out every time he got gas, mostly without complaints even though he was a pain in the ass. My dad would’ve killed us or fired us if we didn’t act professionally even when we were teenagers. my late wife had apair of birkenstocks and I had a pair of Earth shoes with negative heels back in our quasi hippie days. She never lost her birks and my children threw them in the Pacific Ocean with her ashes.

  19. That guy with the black curly hair and baseball cap – her brother? I truly feel for that guy for being forced to live with that insanity.

  20. …keep in mind, guys who follow girls like this into dumbass causes like hers, that the ladies are EASILY misled, as Adam could tell you.

    Don’t believe me?

    Sons and daughters, look at your mother. Now look at your father.

    Married men, look at your woman, then look in a mirror.

    Ladies, look at what you married.

    Now everyone, tell me that DOESN’T prove that even smart, beautiful women are gullible.

    …and THIS one wasn’t even SMART…

    …one day, Adam is talking to God about Eve.

    “God?”, he asks, “Why did you make Woman so hot and desirable?”

    “SO YOU WOULD LIKE HER.” God replied.

    …”But God, why did you make Woman so easily talked into doing stupid things?” Adam asked.

    “SO SHE WOULD LIKE YOU.” God replied…

  21. I skipped to the end and one of the rally attendees was arrested because the crazy girl claimed he spit on her.
    I don’t know if he did, but if he did you would think she would have made a bigger stink of it from the beginning.

  22. OKC has a councilwoman, non-Okie, transplant from Portland, marched with the BLM, her husband as well and he tweeted “burn it all down”, compared the police to Timothy McVeigh.
    When confronted about it she says she’s being bullied by the Fraternal Order of Police.
    What a sorry little bike riding, public transportation, animal rights, leftist bitch. She mainly grew up in Portland, but also lived in Washington and came here to go to college. So I guess she doesn’t know who ran towards that building, it sure as hell wasn’t her terrorist BLM friends, it was the police, firefighters, paramedics and first responders. She wasn’t a parent, grandparent who were either killed or not allowed to go in after their babies and had to watch while they carried the babies out and collapsed when each baby wasn’t their baby.

    All of us “white supremacists” need to gather outside her house so she can be Karen and call the police on us, the ones she compared to a terrorist and the ones she was the only vote to defund them.

    Or maybe we play like the left does and demand her job. Although, it probably isn’t a good idea to have an insane person to work as an education director for Mental Health Association Oklahoma.



  23. She should be fined for distracted driving and driving on a pedestrian path. The video footage at :25 clearly shows it.

  24. Antifa thinks its going to win battles in the street with skinny little upset crying shits like her? The best she can do is flip people off.

    When flipping off a peaceful rally of Patriotic Americans fails to have the desired effect of scaring them away she tries to sic the police on them. Amazing gall.

  25. Iman Olfarte II and geoff,

    Oh, and the gas attendants wore those waist-belt money changers. One guy always gave nickles back instead of quarters. He came from a family with a lot of kids so my parents never said a word. I will never forget the time my brother and his friend went behind the Hy-Vee store, grabbed the empty pop bottles and took them in the front door for deposit refund (gas money). Second time in the store that day they got caught! LOL

  26. Looks like the antifa JV Team, to me. The Big Mouth Bass (aka girl riding around with her stuffed animals on her dash) should get some props from her team leaders, though, for the nearly perfect execution of “how to throw the first punch and make it look like you’re the victim”. Near perfect, except that instead of being from the training manual, she psychotically believes that’s how it went down!

    I’m grieved to see the police arrest the guy who shouted at her. I didn’t see him spit. Unless she’s got it her own video (use of a phone while driving), that’s just wrong.

    Olympia. Home of Evergreen State College, where if you only apply yourself (and your parent’s hard-earned money), you too can obtain a degree in the Intersectionality of Underwater Basket Weaving.

  27. My youngest brother was telling me yesterday the story about my dad when he worked at our neighborhood Chevron station in the mid 60’s about the time a couple of kids came into the station with their bikes wanting air in the tires and he recognized the bikes because they had been stolen from our house a few blocks away, he detained them and called the cops and we got our bikes back. Dumb kids who picked the wrong place to get air in our stolen bike tires.

  28. @CCNV

    Me and a friend used to do the same thing back in 1963-64. There was a general store a mile out of town and the proprietor kept the empty pop/soda bottles in his unfenced back yard. I used to go in there and grab 4 six-packs of empty bottles and then go in the store through the front door and cash them in. It was 2 cents per bottle. 24×2 = 48 cents, enough to by a pack of cigarettes. The proprietor eventually got suspicious, but we kept doing it till we got part time jobs and didn’t have to steal empty bottles anymore.

    Maybe poverty does cause crime.

  29. TimBuktu,

    I think everyone’s childhoods were pretty much the same back then. From what I can tell from this website, shenanigans included, we all turned out pretty darn good!

  30. Ms. Progressive demonstrated for almost an hour, what a tantrum looks like as an adult. Her behavior shows she hasn’t matured emotionally past the age of 12.
    She’s unfortunately not alone. Every Antifa, BLM, anarchist “peaceful protester” tool is just like her.

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