Hepatitis-A, Human Waste, and the Mayor of LA


Why Are Homeless People In L.A. Without Toilets? The NBCLA I-Team Finds Out.

We all know there are thousands, and thousands, of homeless people living in Los Angeles. But statistics say that number is actually estimated to be around 36,000…

As you may know, the NBCLA I-Team has been digging deeper into the homeless crisis, just as we do everyday.

What the I-Team recently found, was that there are literally TONS of human waste and feces ending up on our city streets.

“The public restrooms won’t let us go to the bathroom because we’re homeless,” said Jennifer, who lives in an encampment under the 101 Freeway in Hollywood.

So where do they go? “In bottles, on the side of buildings, right here on the curb,” Jennifer responded. more

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  1. Didn’t Garcetti just publicly thank DJT? I know Arnold did. what ever that’s worth. Considering Garcetti former bull shit, he sounds under pressure.

  2. Give us more money. That’s always the answer. Leftist pols create a problem where one didn’t previously exist, and demand more tax money to solve it. Once the money is collected, it always goes to rent-seakers in the Social Service sector whose jobs wouldn’t be necessary if there were no crisis.


  3. They spend billions for sewage treatment plants, and then you have the feces from 36,000 that just gets hosed into the pacific ocean. Who in their right mind want’s to swim at California beaches?

  4. “The NBCLA I-Team has been digging deeper into the homeless crisis”
    Wow, after a decade of shit, the I-Team gets you informed,,,
    So many awards will be given,,,

  5. “The NBCLA I-Team has been digging deeper into the homeless crisis”

    And what did they find?

    Nothin’ but shit.

    Especially at city hall.

  6. Garcetti invited the army of bums into LA.
    He then hogtied the police, and chaos ensued – all according to plan.

    The guy also was caught taking bribes He should be burned at the stake.

  7. He’s just angling for more money. They won’t do anything until they need snow plows to clear the streets to keep traffic moving.

  8. This is a perfect in example and execution of what the “green” people want us to return to….Medieval lifestyle. Wasn’t I reading something recently about the medieval plagues turning up once again?

  9. Pass a law that makes these people’s nearest living relatives responsible for them and/or Baker Act them as a danger to themselves or others.

  10. Lets allow more vagrants to wander in from other countries and give them 3 square feet of our former streets to “squat on” in LA. How wise our “politicians” and their trainers are, and our voters that continue to keep them in power years after years.

  11. California got rid of plastic bags for groceries, that’s what homeless people used to use. They are saving the environment though.
    Thank you,
    Do gooders always make things worse.


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