Herald Sun Doubles Down On Serena Cartoon

As a poke-in-the-eye of the censorious left, the Herald Sun featured a Serena Williams’ caricature on their front page after the original cartoon met with howls of objections from the politically correct.

“If the self-appointed censors of Mark Knight get their way on his Serena Williams cartoon, our new politically correct life will be very dull indeed,” the paper said on its front page.” More


20 Comments on Herald Sun Doubles Down On Serena Cartoon

  1. Great Cartoon, Serena should have been an emberassment to Black’s everywhere, but thanks to the Medias Kid gloves it was seen as something normal to act like a wild Animal on a Tennis event.

  2. If you had Serena and Michelle standing next to each other showing their bum bums, what would you have?….A lunar eclipse….

  3. That is a perfect depiction of Serena and her elitist attitude. Just like Hillary; she was DUE that win. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t earned it with her talent or hard work.

  4. Just like Big Mike the press fawns over her like she was a raving beauty. She looks to go about 240 pounds and if not for tennis she’d be scouted by the NFL.

  5. Never apologize to the easily offended on social media, they’ll only take it as weakness and come after you for more. Better to hit back, if you had the guts to run the piece before the outrage storm then have the guts to stick to your guns once you’ve chosen your path.

  6. Did you go to the papers website and see all the hateful replies? This is only going to end when people too dumb to reason with are eradicated.

  7. When she got heat for acting like a spoiled brat she claimed that she was speaking out for the equality of women. What a pioneer.

  8. Now she’s re-purposed her extraordinary tantrum to a “Women’s Rights/Equality” issue. Even she must have begun to feel uncomfortable with how stupidly she behaved so now she pulls out the universal hammer of feminism to smash everything back into the shape she wants it. Leftists lay down at first mention of any ‘women’s issue’ and so do most trad-cons unfortunately.

  9. The thing that the liberal media just doesn’t get when describing Serena as a beauty is the fact that we can all see her with our own eyes. Same goes for Mooch. And Sarah Jessica Parker. And for whatever 500 lb woman makes the next magazine cover.
    They expose themselves by totally ignoring a truly stunning looking First Lady.


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