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Here Comes The “Mu” Variant

Live Science

Health officials are watching another new coronavirus variant, dubbed “mu,” which they say has concerning mutations that could allow it to escape vaccine-induced immunity.

The variant, also known as B.1.621, was first detected in Colombia in January 2021, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). On Monday (Aug. 30), WHO classified it as a “variant of interest,” or VOI, and named it mu. More

It’s people who create stupid political cartoons like these that I hope catch the mu first. Here

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  1. I sure wish someone could explain to me how they have variants of a virus they’ve never isolated?

    How do we know these aren’t just regular viruses or viruses in 3rd world countries being spread by third world people escaping their countries?

    I’ve been saying since this shit started tell me the truth, the whole truth and don’t manipulate numbers and I might believe you. The problem is they’ve lied so much and manipulated numbers so much and that’s including the medical community I can’t trust any of them. So even if they told the truth now, it would be real damn hard to believe them.

    About the only thing I believe is we did have a different virus in this country, I said that when we got it and blamed it on illegals bringing some new shit in. Was it ever as bad as they claimed? I don’t really believe so because if it was there would have been no reason to manipulate numbers.

  2. Chinese bio warfare – they probably have several hundred variants at Wuhan and will keep releasing them periodically until the free world has collapsed

  3. All part of the plan. It’s the new race war true believers vs. the truth. People have been indoctrinated by MSM over the past year while locked up in the houses.
    This morning I heard of the “Beta” and “Gamma” strains as well. Anything to keep the fear level up. You need a new JAB every few months, don’t ya know.
    How about Chuck Screwmer claiming that if the infrastructure bill were passed they could stop the flooding and control the weather.
    If this Twit link goes away.
    It will be up on Bitchute – Tucker Carlson tonight 9/2/21. Youtube has already edited it out.

  4. “WHO is currently monitoring five variants of interest (eta, iota, kappa, lambda and mu) and four variants of concern (alpha, beta, gamma and delta).”
    Alex. what is, they all belonged to a fraternity?

  5. The VA called my Dad today and told him he’s eligible for a Moderna booster. He goes in Monday for it. They said the side effects would be similar to the second dose. For most people that was rough but it really didn’t bother my Dad much. I hope this next one will be okay. I just hate this MRNA crap…I don’t trust what is happening at all.

  6. The virus had peaked and was waning. We all felt it, we all know it. Things were getting back to normal.

    People then started getting “vaccinated.” The “vaccine” was sold as THE way to defeat this virus and this created a false sense of security in people. The explosion of new cases follows in the wake of millions – perhaps half the nation – receiving the “vaccine.” How is this possible?

    The “vaccinated” are the ones giving it to the unvaccinated. This is the “Delta Variant” (from those who received it into their Delt). This also explains why you are now seeing so many younger people, and children, getting this virus; they were not high-risk groups before but they are now getting it because they are in daily, close proximity to parents and grand parents who took the “vaccine.”

    I was working long hours from home the past 3 months and rarely left the house during that time. I came down with Covid and I believe I likely got it from my “vaccinated” wife. I didn’t say that to her, I’m not a cruel prick. My symptoms were mild and I attribute that to an ivermectin protocol I started in July and then increased a few weeks ago when I could tell something was not right.

    Now they are pushing a 3rd shot. And here comes another “variant.” This will continue as long as people are profiting from this. More variants. More shots.

    I’m not getting on that train. Fuck that and fuck you. I will choose to listen to doctors who have no political position to maintain, who are not beholden to big-money, big-power, and big-media, but who are willing to risk their own reputations and question the “experts”

  7. Illustr8r
    It’s sad that the VA is promoting this. There is definitely evil behind all of this.
    I’ve wondered if natural immunity protects you from the JAB.
    Good luck.

  8. Illustr8r, people talk about other vaccines to justify these, yet NONE of them instill near the stress that the covid jabs do.
    Of course people are worried.
    I wish your father the best.

  9. And here comes the cold and Influenza season with millions of freshly vaccinated and now immunocompromised people who are going to lose their shit over every symptom.

    This is mass hysteria.

    Get over your fear of death and be willing to get the bug and beat it… or die, whatever happens. It has always been so.

  10. “Get over your fear of death and be willing to get the bug and beat it… or die, whatever happens. It has always been so.”


  11. the jab is spreading the plague, killing immune systems, it should be clear to every one, there are no variants because they keep giving the same jab.

    The lies are of no consequence, the election is in the bag, they don’t worry about staying in office.

  12. there will be several hundred kids killed by the jab, blamed on the virus. Dead kids will not set off fear, it will become full on terror.

  13. The only true “vaccine” that exists is a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Through him it doesn’t matter in the end what happens to our earthly bodies whether vaccinated or not, with covid or illness free, we are the Lord’s living or dead.

    Our earthly bodies become obsolete as we are taken up in Glory to be with him.

  14. with 78% vax compliance down to age 12 Israel is on the ropes with more cases than they had before the vax. They are hustling to give third vax against delta, they’re working on developing a pill and a vax. Delta is hitting them bad.
    Meanwhile, more variants coming

  15. Governments lie, I think it’s pretty much always been so.
    We thought it was the big media’s job to hold their feet to the fire, but it turns out they’re all in bed together. Why anyone would believe a word they say is beyond me.
    I’ve discovered a principal in life. If you have someone who lies to you in life, you should never believe them because it is no longer incumbent upon you to decipher whether they’re lying or telling the truth.

  16. Hang in there folks, we’re only 12 variants away from the “killer certain death deadly holy shit we’re all going to die for realz this time end of the alphabet and world OMEGA” variant.

  17. If you don’t like the viruses so far, wait, another one will be along shortly.
    Lord Acton was right – Power Corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Too many people craving too much power.

  18. If Fauki says the “Mu” isn’t a threat to America, he’ll make it a threat. I bet he gets a hard on at his age (80 yo) ordering the American people around. He gets his jollies off of seeing how many people will fall for his bullshit.

  19. Ya mean there’s a virus from the lost continent of Mu? Gorsh, this hyar thing with all them weird bugs is gettin’ real serious!

  20. Just look at the universe of Liars pushing the jab. Who would need any more reason to run away from all this nonsense? When brain dead bite me orders you to get jabbed, then you KNOW it is awful.

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