Here is a Bureaucrat telling the truth about inflated Covid deaths and hoping no one will notice

I think she thinks if she just tells the truth matter-of-factly no one will notice that she is saying, straight out, the Covid death count is a lie.

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  1. Every single thing we have been told about the Chinese Wuhan Bioweapon Flu has been a lie. The origin of the bioweapon, Masks, Lockdowns, death rates, lying about ivermectin, vaccines, and contagion has been an endless stream of bullshit and lies all used to take away our freedoms and impose slavery upon us. All used by the Communist Death Democrats, their media, the Big Tech monsters. Tyrants and murderers. Lies, lies, lies. They all need to be hung.

  2. “…I hope that’s helpful.”
    Yes and no.
    No, because you told me something I already knew.
    Yes, because I liked hearing you say it.

  3. This official position has been known for some time. It is the politicians and activists that are willfully ignoring the definition of a “COVID death” for their own political purposes.

  4. Simplistic: treating complex issues and problems as if they were much simpler than they really are

    Now I’m wondering if she meant to say “simple”, or whatever the opposite of “simplistic” is, because the public health liars have bern taking something simple and obfuscating it with excessive complication.

  5. We’ve known this almost from the beginning, but it’s still nice to have video evidence of them admitting it.

  6. Soon to be listed as climate change deaths. All deaths.

    Because the dead had CO2 in their lungs at time of death.

  7. there are beauticians and cosmetologists that work for morticians, too.
    they killed the science of epidemiology
    and only after they abused it
    they’re just prettying up the body, so to speak
    they must want to use it again

  8. We are losing our country. They will steal the next election They are destroying our country.We are probably be the last generation.of American.Patriots

  9. Covid-19 has a 99.76% survibility rate with no co-morbidity. People that are fully vaccinated are getting sick. People that have already had the Coronavirus are getting sick again

  10. I just looked it up, and that video is from 27 April 2020! Close to a full YEAR AND A HALF AGO!!!

    How is it the general public STILL is not aware of FACTS like this?!?

    How have the enimedia and democrat party (but I digress) managed to bury the truth from the majority of the world’s population?!?!?

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