“Here, take this knife, stab your friend.” “Okay”

She assumed it was a “fake” knife.

With friends like this….

14 Comments on “Here, take this knife, stab your friend.” “Okay”

  1. Wow, just read about this! Another new Steve Harvey game show! Family F’ You!
    Don’t call it a reboot, totally different twist going on here,,, Literally twist

  2. Waving hand out, been having some kind of an Obama blockage,,Funds since Obama care have been kinda not affordable, know what I mean?

  3. Just how gullible was that woman? You’d have to be pretty dense not to realize it wasn’t a rubber knife. She’ll have fun trying to live that down at her job.

  4. The worker, whose day job is Attending Nurse at a nearby Urgent Care Medical Facility, could not be reached for comment.

  5. If a significant portion of your annual income is being available to work at a haunted strip mall for two weeks out of the year…I’m just saying that it might be you that’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    This is Phil Bredesen’s audience.

  6. @Zonga: Wow – no one’s ever complained about my NOT doing that before. I guess I’ll have to try to increase everyone’s punishment level in the future.


  7. What the heck is that next to the woman at the beginning of the story? I mean, what the heck is it? Is that a transgendered woman or an effeminate guy? Just asking for a friend. Holy moly!


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